Gucci Belt thread

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  1. Gucci belts are famously world class. In comparison to other luxury brands I find their quality exceptional and their designs evermore wonderful season after season.

    A Gucci belt can be economical too, transforming an outfit from day to evening and from basic to Glamorous in 5 secs :P.

    I thought we should have a belt only thread (although there is an accessories pics-only thread in the ref section of this forum).

    Any pictures, experiences and discussions and questions/answers on Gucci belts (men's and women's) welcome. This can also include maintenance, storage of belts and experiences on Gucci customer service.
  2. Here are mine (if anyone needs the model/colour number please just ask).

    In somewhat of a chronological order

    Man's 1987 vintage reversible (black/brown) med belt


    Croc and silk velvet 2005 extra-wide belt


    2008 (I think) gold buckle and gold mirror leather med-thick belt


    Back with more soon :graucho:
  3. Slim chain belt 2008


    Men's wide belt with enamelled interlocking GG buckle (Cruise) 2009


    Purple croc thick belt with brass horse's head and G 2009


    Wide tan (officially orange) horse-bit belt 2010

    belt2008_9.jpg belt2009.jpg beltcroc2009.jpg belt2010.jpg
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  4. Most Gucci belts are for life.

    If the leather is just too tatty, most can be replaced for a fee (way less than a new belt) but you will need to take the buckle and strap along to GS.

    Again, if your belt no longer fits you, take it along for a replacement.

    Gucci will put up 2 extra holes in your belt but not more.
  5. Great thread PT..

    I have a few lovely belts that I will takes pictures of..
  6. :tup:

    Excellent, can't wait to see.
  7. This is my Gucci belt gifted to me from my big sis she was attending a live auction in Las Vegas.

    I totally luv the big chucky GG hardware navy blue leather.

    My DH keeps telling me to wear it with my slacks.

  8. :tup: That's a FAB gift mzbag. lucky you and what a nice sister!

    Belts make great gifts I think, my purple croc was a gift and I think of the giver every time I see/wear it.

    Navy blue is hard to find too. Do you wear it waist, hips, or in-between?
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    PT: LOL I usually don't wear a belt LOL I guess that is why my sis gifted me this Gucci belt my DH probably told her I go beltless. I like my slacks to just hang on my hips LOL.

    If I do wear a belt which is once in a blue moon it's at the waist or hips.

    PT: Thanks for the nice compliment! I will take a better pic DH keeps telling me to get a digital camera.
  10. A-ha found a modelling pic of my chain belt while looking for something completely unrelated

  11. PT: Beutiful belt very lovely!
  12. I have two Gucci just the regular black leather interlocking gg buckle belt...and then another one from Spring 2008 that I believe was only available in Europe and I was lucky enough to be in Italy for my honeymoon so I was able to get it...I never saw it in the US but I could be's an elastic belt and the buckle is a star that says gucci. It's very casual and to be worn with jeans.

    I can't wear either right now as I've gained weight!
  13. papertiger I am a lil obsessed over here with that enamel belt. I know it is "men's" but it is actually yours? Maybe a belt is what I need in this sale. I am pretty sure no bags (but I am a girl and have been known to change my mind ;)). Thanks for this thread!
  14. butterfly I have seen that cute star belt. Your belt was part of the 'rock 'n' roll' Cruise/Resort 2008 collection. Even if you belt wasn't 'Europe only' fewer pieces are made for C/R. Key colours were black, white, black/white check (gingham) with accents in primrose yellow, candy pink, scarlet and turquoise.

    Even if you don't want to do modelling pics (I totally understand) would it be possible for you take some pics of the just the belts for this thread? :flowers:

    mzbag thank you :kiss: