Gucci Belt thread

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  1. I finally got the Gucci Double G belt in gold this July and absolutely love it. I just did a full review here too in case it helps any of you trying to decide and sharing a work-around if your size is sold out:
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  3. Hi,i've seen this bag at Gucci outlet in italy few months ago, and the price was between 1100/1200 euro,if i remeber correctly
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  4. Brown guccissima with silver hardware. Love it. I want more.
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  5. I want the double g in black but can’t decide if I want the thinner one or thicker. What do y’all think? I am 5’3” about 125 lbs if that helps.
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  6. Following for info
  7. Thinner is always more formal and dressier. Just think which style you mostly like to wear
  8. Do you think the Gucci belt is still worth a purchase or has it been overplayed? I am thinking of getting one in March for my bday with some Gucci flats (without the logo) and I am wondering if I might be too late to the club :hrmm: For those of you who own one, do you still use it much?
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  9. I just got mine too and it’s a little big but I’m debating keeping it because they are so hard to come by, period. Does anyone know if Gucci still offers additional holes? Would adding two holes to a size 90 make it the equivalent of 85 or 80?
  10. It's a really good question. I was just thinking about that myself and I don't think it's overplayed. It's interesting to me how popular it is still in the fashion community in 2019, even though it seemed to blow up in 2017. I still use mine all the time; I really do feel that it's timeless. Hope that helps!
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  11. A must have... I have at least 7 of the Alessandro Michele same direction double G belts and I am a man. I have black, brown, tan, red, braided brown, and two of the red and green webbing all with the gold buckle... also added the belt accessory (the removable leather pouch with the metal double G and metal bugs on it...(I think they are bugs) and they are hot and I believe will remain current for decades. They look good when you dress up or dress down. I am glad that I purchase when they were $425 now they are $450 and I am sure they are going up. So go snatch one up... make sure you get the correct size... Go into the store for your first purchase of the belt to be sure... if you have a 28 to 30 inch waist... get the 90cm, if your waist is 25 to 26 inch waist, get an 85cm and so on. The belt should fit the middle of the 5 holes... if you do this wrong, it won't look right. Also, the leather stretches, so after a year, you might find your belt is slacking, simple adjustment of lower the belt further down your waist helps. I truly recommend it.
  12. try both... if you go thinner, you would wished you would have done t
    Both will look great and with your dimensions that you provided... you can't go wrong with either. Do know that if you buy the thinner, you would probably wished you bought the thicker... depends on which look you are trying to achieve. The thinner has a smaller buckle (double G) and the thicker has a larger buckle (double G). Try them both in store and you will come to a decision in no time. Hope this helps.
  13. I agree, the running GG goes way back to the 1960s. Personally I like the interlocking (1970s) and have stuck with that but the Running is still cool.
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  14. Ik had a cobler make 2 extra holes in the belt and now I can use it on my hips and on my waist if I want to. I was between sizes so I went with the bigger size and added extra holes, for me it’s more versatile this way.
  15. Yes, the 'Interlocking G's' are still cool and still being sold at Gucci. It's a matter of preference and the style you wish to represent your personality and/or persona. Are you going to get the 'Running G's' ?