Gucci Belt thread

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  1. Beenie I know, I went :upsidedown: over that one, just couldn't get it out my head. Who cares what gender it was designed for?! :P. The great thing with Men's belts is that if they are slightly too 'colourful' for most men's taste they can easily turn up at sales. Only thing is because it was Cruise there were less made but it is the more way-out designs that either sell out first or are left last, although, I have to say Gucci is one brand in London (like LV) where Men's sale stuff sells out even faster than Ladies.

    I could just see you rockn' it in the Florida :sunshine: :graucho:
  2. Hello, I just got a Gucci belt as a Christmas gift, I love it but I have a feeling it is not authentic as the buckle seems small.
    How big is the real Gucci (GG) buckle? Is it about 3 inch diameter?
    Hope you can help me!!
  3. Perhaps post your pics etc on the 'Authenticate This' thread

    Gucci make belt buckles of all different sorts and sizes so don't worry too much if it's only the size that worries you.
  4. Welcome Djtay,

    If you are referring to the web-sripe version here are some of my suggestions:

    Just keep all else very simple and in neutral colours and probably best smart-casual rather than formal wear.

    e.g. Chinos and white shirt or jeans and white tee.
  5. Alright thank you will try it out soon.
    Bought this belt but didnt have any chance to wear due to the colorway being pretty hard to match
  6. Don't worry about wearing it with black either if that's a bugbear, you won't see the brown just the web-stripe. I guess the only colour I would advise with it is Navy.

    If in doubt post pics on here or the wardrobe thread. Have confidence, I love the web-stripe as a belt - probably where it works best :biggrin:
  7. Pics and discussion about GUCCI belts. Ladies and Gents, let's see some pics of your GUCCI belts!
  8. Brown Guccisima leather belt. This model is very versatile. Great for both casual and formal.

  9. Hi ,
    I would like the opinion of the experts on a Gucci belt I purchased at an estate sale, may I post pictures here?
    Thank you,
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1446007817.033038.jpg

  11. Can we see the belt please?!? :woohoo: