Group buying and flash deal sites - DANGER DANGER DANGER!!!!!

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  1. My personal experience has been negative - I bought a Celine and when I got it authenticated it came back as FAKE. ******* did come back multiple times to state that they only sell authentic :amazed:. Luckily I paid via Paypal so I was able to raise a dispute and escalated to a claim. Paypal's decision was in my favour and I'm able to get my money back. That said I believed a few people on this thread also bought Celine from ******* and it turned out to be that's why I said be very very careful (some may be some may not - get it authenticated if you decide to buy)....
  2. Has anyone bought any Prada or Celine hand bags from Zulily? Are they authentic?

  3. And Celine. I'm going to tribunal with them next month, Has anyone else had the same problems
  4. Has anyone had experience (good or bad) with purchases from Trendlee? I recently bought a Prada Saffiano Cuir handbag from the company - it looks great - but am not sure if it is 100% authentic.
  5. Hi,
    I'm trying to get my hands on an Prada Cahier, but retail is a little out of my reach at the moment. Does anybody have experience buying from bluefly? There's a sale going on right now where they reducing the Cahier by 14%. A blogger that I follow is actually linking to Bluefly for it.

    I have read a few articles from the past on PF stating that Bluefly buys from a third party reseller and that they've been accused in the past of selling fakes. Can someone please advice? Thanks in advance!
  6. Unless they've changed all their items are final sale, no refunds or exchanges. Too risky.
  7. Hi I just purchased this Balenciga bag from ******* and after reading the thread I'm abit nervous. Could you please help me authencate this bag. Thank u
    image.jpg image.jpg IMG_0005.JPG
  8. Wrong subforum and wrong thread for authentications. This is for Prada only.
  9. Has anyone heard of Just stumbled on it. The prices are too good to be true....of course, I would like them to be true but thought I had better check them out so I came here.
  10. Your answer is above in red.
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    The below direct from their website. Your answer in red. Authorized resellers of Prada do not make simple spelling mistakes - this is the EXCLUSIVE DOMAIN of illiterate chinese counterfeiters. Site has been reported to Prada.

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  13. I have heard some of the Authenticate Prada bags made in China . Is that true ?
  14. That's been true for around 10 years now.
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  15. Hi, is zulily a legit place to get Prada? they have a good sale now of the Gaufre. THanks!