Group buying and flash deal sites - DANGER DANGER DANGER!!!!!

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  1. Can't emphasise more that we should buy from boutiques directly. Would never buy from resellers and taking the risk that it could be a fake.
  2. Thank you for this post. I just cancelled my order with *******. I went into the store and inspected the bag and it looked very authentic, the store set up is great but I just had a niggling feeling. I came home and my hubby convinced me that there is no way a store could be selling fake merchandise in the Rocks. Surely they would be closed down if that was true. I ordered the bag online but still didn't feel confident. After calling their customer service line, the sales person didn't really try and convince me of the authenticity so I am going with my feeling that the price is too good to be true. It also concerned me that there was no security in the store at all and the bags were not secured. Surely that would be a huge risk for bags with these price tags?
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  3. Just checking - did you resolve this? Im also questioning the authenticity of this seller
  4. I cancelled my order and got a refund after reading this. The price did appear to be too good to be true. Im amazed how they get away with it. They were advertising on the online vogue shopping discount last night!
  5. ******* sells only fake Prada. I've seen plenty of them recently. Not even good fakes either.
  6. I have gotten fakes from Gilt before. Was pretty shocked too that Saks would risk their reputation and let their subsidiary company sells fake bags like that.
  7. We should always buy directly from Prada. Too many fakes nowadays!!
  8. I shop at Gilt all the time. They're a huge company and owned by Saks, highly doubt they would ever sell fakes. I purchased my Prada Saffiano Lux tote from GIlt and took into Prada boutique and it was authentic.

  9. Since when does Prada authenticate at the boutique level? No sales associate is trained to do so. Their job is to sell you Prada from Prada.
    As for Gilt being owned by Saks? That is hardly a ringing endorsement.
    Here are a few links for you
  10. I had my zipper replaced and they sent it away for repair. I'm sure if it was fake they would have not replaced my hardware. Every bag has a serial code as well that they ask for and check.
  11. Hello miss figgy

    Just wondering if you have purchased from ******* or you've heard of others who have received fakes? I'm looking at a balenciaga but am nervous about the authenticity even though they have 3 retail stores in Sydney. TIA.
  12. Be VERY VERY CAREFUL! if you buy the bag - get it authenticated straight away (and the pictures on the website may not the the same as the bag you'll receive) and make sure to pay via Paypal so that you can dispute and be your added layer of protection.
  13. I would be very surprised if they are authentic, please let us know if you do go ahead and what the authenticator comes back with.