Group buying and flash deal sites - DANGER DANGER DANGER!!!!!

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  1. #1 Jun 25, 2014
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    I think we need a permanent thread for these. There are too many of them offloading fake Prada saffys.


    All caught recently selling fake Prada. BE AWARE!!!!!

    The best thing to do is to BUY DIRECT FROM PRADA ONLY!!!!!
  2. I agree that a permanent thread for this is probably needed. I just saw someone buy from ideeli, and PP confirmed she got a super fake. Too many people are getting cheated out of their money :tdown:
  3. Given that references to a certain LaneWay, which sells high end trademarked counterfeited goods, keeps getting deleted by the mods, I think it's important to put this link up where everyone can access it.

    Prada items purchased from the LaneWay were sent to Prada for authentication and they have been assessed BY PRADA and determined BY PRADA to be fakes, counterfeits, non genuine, non authentic, not made by Prada. If this statement has aired on the BBC then Prada has actually told them that the bags purchased through this LaneWay were fakes, so we are all vindicated here!!!!!
  4. Add to the list.
  5. Hi missfiggy,

    Thank you very much.I'm the author of post#7407.

    Then Myhabit can be added to black list too.God, I was hoping Amazon could have done better.

    I'm trying to talk to them and get refund. Does prada boutique really offer identification for prada bags?

  6. Prada does not authenticate instore, you need to contact their head office and make arrangements to send the bag to their authentication centre. Or you can engage any one of the many authentication agencies and pay their fees. You will probably need some statement of non authenticity if you are going to get your $$ back.
  7. There are so many fakes. I'm worried about the one that i bought from Neiman. Maybe i should get it authenticated. Tpf does not authenticate saffianos correct?

  8. Post the photos. If it is blatantly obvious that it is fake we will certainly let you know. However, where the item is not obviously fake, we can't make any comment other than to suggest you take it to an authentication agency. The new superfake saffianos take literally days to authenticate and we don't have that sort of time to spend on only 1 item.
  9. Neimans/saks/bergdorfs/bloomies/Nordstroms are authorized dealers (meaning prada has given them the right to sell and their bags are supplied directly from Prada)-all salespeople who work in the prada department in those stores should be brand specialists. I'd say it's HIGHLY unlikely you got a fake from one of these stores.

  10. It is unlikely BUT... it has happened. A dishonest buyer returned a fake and it was onsold. I can't remember the specifics of the whole story.

    I totally disagree with the statement in red though. The reason they aren't permitted to authenticate is first and foremost that they lack the general, all round knowledge of the many ranges. And secondly, they are there to SELL, not to waste time on authenticating ebay items. They are SALES people and not brand experts by any means.
  11. I've heard stories about people getting fakes from bluefly/other online retailers but never from an upscale department store. I simply do mot believe that would happen-it would be all over the news in a second if anyone found out about it.

    I was not implying that people who work in the Prada department at Neinmans, etc. would be willing, or even able to authenticate a bag bought from another source. 'Brand Specialist' merely means that the department is leased, and the employees who work in that department (be it Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc.) work exclusively for that brand and are generally quite knowledgable about the brand, just the way a sales associate at a stand alone store is required to be. They would also be knowledgable about how to figure out if someone was returning something that had not originated from their store. I know this because I have several friends who were buyers at Bloomingdales so they have inside knowledge of how the departments work. Please note that this applies only to America-I couldn't say how things are run in a foreign country.
  12. I've been wondering about a website called "beyond the rack" for a while now. They often have prada saffiano lux bags on there priced at hundreds below retail. And I always wonder how is that even possible?? Has anyone bought a prada bag from their yet- and if so was it authentic or not? Overall, do people here feel this is a legitimate source to buy prada or not?

    Here's the link
  13. Oh no... I just bought a black WOC from the Gilt sale... does Gilt have a bad rep too?

  14. Post photos of the bag in the Authenticate this Prada forum and we'll try to assess it for you.