Great deals or rare finds of YSL items!

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  1. #241 Dec 1, 2008
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2008
  2. Hey that's me!!! LOL. You're welcome Em. ;)
  3. Saks SCP had a Besace left today (around noon). I think it was Brown Stamped Suede? Sorry was in a hurry. It was on their only clearance table at the additional 50% off. Hope it's still there if someone is interested!
  4. It was the Saks store in Boston :smile:
  5. Hey all,

    I returned two bags yesterday to Nordies in Scottsdale Fashion Square. They were the Almond croc embossed and the Praline croc embossed Muse was $7** (praline), and the other was $6**(almond). They are the medium size (the sales associates said the sku represents a large, but I am 200% positive that these are the medium...I have the large patent Muse Two). 480-946-4111...ask for Clara.

    If any of you see a Praline croc embossed large Muse two...please PM me...I am dying for that one!!

  6. I finally got my Muse Two in croc embossed Praline-love it , so, I returned the Large Black Patent Muse Two (all black patent) to Nordstroms in Scottsdale...please call 480-946-4111...Wendy, Clara or Lori are all SA's there...and Stacy is the manager...(sadly, yes, I know all of them). Tell them Arti referred you... is a beautiful bag, but I am purchasing too many I am ready for some jewelry!!:yes:
  7. Ladies, please PM me if you know of any Bronze Besace or Large Easy bag in Black on Grey on sale! I am desperate for either, or both! TIA!
  8. please PM me if you find gray (Anthracite) besace on sale, TIA vesna
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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