Great deals or rare finds of YSL items!

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  1. Please pm me if you find Medium Muse Two in anthracite, blue, teal, green, basically anything but patent, brown, black or tan.
    thanks so much!
    I'm desperately looking for one!:sad:
  2. Call the YSL boutiques in London, yesterday they had a great choice of the Muse 2 bags, today--- less, but they are 50% off and a pound is lower nowadays, for me it was a great bargain:wlae::yahoo:
  3. Just found a Muse II at Nordstrom for $706.00. It's a medium camel patent. Bargains still to be had!
  4. Hi girls! If anyone is interested, there are tributes available at south coast plaza at the ysl boutique. I was just there. They have it in the black, white and red patent croco. They also have the camel croco muse II large, blue muse II in medium, a gold besace and some other good ysl deals. 50% off!!!! go get em!!!
  5. YSL, San Francisco!
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    Do the Croc Quilted black tribute's ever go on sale? I absolutely fell in love with it the other day, but it's a bit out of my price range currently. What's my best bet on getting it? FF sale? or hold out and perhaps someone will discount it? was it discounted at all recently? Thanks!

    *I'm sorry I just realized this most likely doesn't belong here. .mods please feel free to remove this post.
  7. I believe the Tribute in patent embossed croc is on sale! Check your nearest YSL. In SF, there was one that was on sale. But in teal, I believe.
  8. The NM in ATL has the croc quilted Tribute in blk patent, medium size on clearance. Call to see if there is still one....I saw it this weekend.
  9. Woodbury has the large Muse 2 for like $1000.
  10. Anyone know of any "large" muse, not muse II, on sale anywhere?
  11. YSL besace in purple (eggplant?) preselling for an additional 50% off (selling tommorow) at NM san francisco for ~ around $724 with tax. Try to ask for Michelle
  12. Salma24, pls call YSL in SF &/or Neiman's in SF.
Thread Status:
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