Great deals or rare finds of YSL items!

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  1. at Neiman Marcus Last Call in Houston:

    Patent Mint Green Medium Tribute -- $500
    Red and White Paint Degrade Medium Tribute -- $585
    Black Patent Croc Raspail
    Pink Berry Patent Bucket Capri
    Gold/Black Fabric Tribute Clutch -- $295
  2. ohhh mint green!!!
  3. ^^^ yeah, i couldn't resist either. ;) one came home with me.
  4. tons of ysl on sale at Neimans online right now .. all 30% off! :smile:
  5. new stock at bluefly, too
  6. ^^Now THAT cuff is TDF. I just don't think I could make it work with my wardrobe....not matter how hard I try. *sigh*
  7. Nordstrom Cherry Creek Denver is presale-ing many YSL bags to match NM and Saks 30% off
    they were putting them out yesterday, so I'm not sure what else is included

    this includes the small Easy bag in blue and yellow!
  8. Just got my YSL Rive Gauche purse 40% off at Nordtrom (they are having a Designer sale right now).:nuts:
  9. Woodbury Commons update:

    I saw many colors, smooth leather and patent, in large Tribute $599. A bone colored mombasa $499. the usual deerskin downtowns about 799. bone croc small besace 999. Leopard pony small like a besace with black trim.

    A gold mini muse in ostrich.

    Similar to mombasa without the horn handle in leopard pony hair.

    a curly lambswool OS muse. (Did not see prices on these.)

    They also had medium tributes with the paint splashes and the Red splash raspail tote.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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