Great deals or rare finds of YSL items!

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  1. anyone heard if the ysl outlet is having a sale this weekend?

  2. The Outlet in California said they are not having a sale until Thanksgiving.
  3. For Bay Area gals, there's a black calf hair Muse at Jeremy's. It's "balding" in some spots - but think the bag is only $400...might be worth overlooking the bald patches?! It's black, so not so noticable I suppose...
  4. although i was told YSL isn't included in the friends and family sale at Saks stores it seems to work online! good luck!
  5. I think someone got some bad info from an SA, or maybe the SA got bad info? Though the exclusions do say there can be local exemptions. I highly doubt they will add any. They need the sales too badly! Good for you!
  6. I just rec'd this info. from my SA Peggy Urban at Nordstrom Seattle. Her contact info is 206-628-1253 or Hope PF'ers get what they are wanting. You can call today and presale.

    One day only (tomorrow, THURSDAY Oct 16th) All designer handbags 20% off Except Chanel, Fendi and Gucci. YSL is NOT excluded!!

    They are honoring Saks 20% off Designer handbags ALL day. Chanel, Gucci and Fendi are exempt.

    Feel free to give her a call and let her know that Heather referred you.
  7. How neat of you to pass this on to everyone, you're a champ! Hopefully some PF'ers can nab some great deals. :hugs:
  8. NM Last call in Austin -- new arrivals
    Gray Ostrich Mombasa -- $2K or so. Gorgeous!
    Gray ombre shiny leather Rive Gauche
    Tan leather Rive Gauche
    cream leather capri flap

    they will charge send.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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