Goyard-Interntational shipping?

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I know this post is quite old, but wanted to write some, hopefully, useful information :smile:

    I recently emailed the Paris store on wanting to purchase a St Louis GM in black with black shipped to Norway. I got a fast replay from a lovely lady and the price is 715Euros once detaxed. And the shopping cost with their carrier is 360Euros. At first I thought this was pretty steep, but then I was assured this was including all costs such as insurance and local applicable taxes and so on. Worth mentioning that the VAT in Norway is 25%, so pretty high.

    So the total is therefore 1075 Euros.

    Hope this will be of use to anyone wanting to order from the Paris233 store.
  2. Thanks for the update, that is useful as I just emailed the Paris store yesterday to ask about international shipping, just waiting for a reply.

    Did you use paris233@goyard.com?
  3. Hi! Oh, so glad I could be of help:smile:

    No, the email I used was 233sh@goyard.com
  4. I got a reply from the Paris store today that they will not ship to the US anymore. I was hoping to take advantage of the good exchange rates. Any one with other ideas on how to get a bag with EU prices?
  5. Try London.
  6. I'm going to order Saint Louis from Paris - I was informed that shipping costs to Finland/Sweden are 80 euros, just fyi :smile:
  7. Do you know if they will still ship to Hong Kong?
  8. i've checked with Goyard Paris on this point before and they confirmed that they do not ship to places where they have already set up sales counters....

  9. Thanks!
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