Goyard-Interntational shipping?

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  1. I would love to get a St Louis PM but there is no Goyard store here in Singapore.

    Does anyone know if Goyard does international shipping? From Europe or US?

  2. I have read some threads here that Goyard Paris ships all over the world. There are email address on Goyard homepage and one other contact page too. I read that they are really helpful when ordering by phone/email but I'm sure they are very busy during the holidays. Good luck and post how it goes because I'm interested in ordering too.
  3. Paris ships at least to Austria ;D for 60€ I guess e-mail will take them a bit to answer, London needed a couple of working days to answer my simple e-mail about pricing... I'd call the Paris store since the gentleman on the phone also spoke english well and it's cheaper buying from paris
  4. ^I've read the same thing that you have- that the Paris store ships internationally. There are a few international people that frequent the Goyard threads, so hopefully they'll visit this thread soon and provide further information :smile:
  5. I really recommend calling Goyard rather than relying on emailing the address on their website.

    You will have better luck emailing http://www.europeandesigns.net ;)
  6. I've had items shipped to me from the Paris store as they will ship anywhere in the world. The US store will not ship internationally, it will only ship within the US.

    All my contact with the Paris store has been via e-mail. They usually respond within a day of the initial mail, and after that they are always quick to answer my replies.
  7. Thanks for all the replies.

    I've emailed both the US store and the Paris 233 store,but they have not replied,probably due to Christmas holiday.
  8. please let me know how much shipping will be from paris to singapore! i would love to find out too. :graucho:

    dying for a st louis tote!
  9. Does anyone know if Goyard (London or Paris) ships internationally via UPS, FedEx or DHL?

  10. My Goyard shipments from Paris always come via UPS.
  11. Do your Goyard shipments from Paris always come with boxes? Do they pack them well? TIA!
  12. Thanks for your response! I was afraid it might be UPS - here in Canada, their shipping/brokerage fees are higher than the other couriers. I guess I better start saving up to do some traveling! :biggrin:
  13. My wallet and Saint Marie pouch came in boxes. I've not ordered a bag from Paris, so I am not sure whether their bags come in boxes.

    The things I have ordered have been packed very well.

  14. I am afraid the courier is UPS, too. May I know someone has the order experience from UK? What's courier they have?
  15. When I heard from Goyard, they said "customs and shipping paid separately." How is this collected? Does the UPS guy take your credit card when it's delivered? This means that I have to be home for delivery.