Goyard-Interntational shipping?

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    I just received my pm st louis this morning.
    It took 1month 1week. I had it personalized w stripes n initials.
    Gst + shipped via UPS: Sgd295 ( ship is 200, gst 85+10 UPS fee)
    Bag 485 €
    Personalized 240 €
  2. The best thing you can do is find out the price from both stores and get an idea of shipping. Depending on how the $US is comparing against both the euro and the pound, you'll be able to then determine whether the UK or France is a better price. From there, compare that to the price in the US.

    Keep in mind that you'll need to possibly pay customs tax for bringing the item into the US, depending on whether the item you're after is over the threshold.

    I know for me it has always been cheaper to buy in France than the UK, but once I take shipping into account, buying directly from the US can make it a slightly better buy. Having said that I don't live in the US and the currency where I live is stronger than the $US at present.

    I think it's one of those things that you'll need to do a little bit of investigating into for yourself to determine which is the best buy depending on what item you're wanting to buy.

    Best wishes for the purchase. :smile:
  3. I just got a quote from Paris.

    Here are the export prices (fully de-taxed) of the pieces I'm interested in, as well as an all inclusive shipping fee to Canada (fee covering all transport, insurance and local custom duties) :
    · Saint Louis tote bag, small size (PM), white finish : 485 € + 195 € = 680 €
    · Croisière handbag, 35 cm, in our black Goyardine canvas and black leather finish : 1015 € + 295 € = 1310 €
    · Croisière handbag 35 cm, in our white Goyardine canvas and white leather finish : 1320 € + 330 € = 1650 €.

    Hope this can help ppl who are gonna order from Paris.:P
  4. ok, so i sent my order form to the mothership, i was quoted 2210 euros. As i live in germany it would come to my apo box, but i would still be eligible for the vat refund because even due to some exemption for military personnel we are permitted to redeem vats. So my question is this: even though it is my personal box, it would be delivered to our mailroom with a mail clerk on duty during delivery hours. When i go to pick up packages, there is a slip telling me i have a box and they pull it out for me...would the box be undeliverable because of my address and the carrier charging to deliver, or would i be able to pay the shipping fees beforehand. I'm thinking if i use standard delivery there should be no shipping charge, as it is going to another eu nation...however the last time i had some jeans shipped from munich fedex would not accept the address and i ended up having to get it shipped to a friend's address that lived off post. I would opt into using my friend's address, but if they anticipate a payment at the time of delivery (and do not permit prepayments), then i would have to wait the estimated 3-5 days for delivery (which i would much rather go for next day delivery and have it for an upcoming trip this weekend)...if anyone can help with this situation it would be greatly appreciated...TIA...
  5. hi everyone, just an update on my shipping situation. My SA informed me it would be no problem for UPS to send my package to an APO address. The shipping would be an additional 105 euros, which is factored into the final sale price. I also inquired about rush delivery, but he advised against it because it snowed there for the last two days (and it has been snowing intermittently here as well)...so i'll just have to wait until next week to get it, which should be wednesday at the latest. seeing as to i'm physically in the EU i would have go by the store to claim my VAT, which isn't a big deal because i'm going there in a week...(another reveal, maybe, we'll see what they have)...
  6. Vang: I work at Goyard in San Francisco, and we can ship to Singapore. The shipping charge is determine by the total amount of the transaction, and if there any any customs that are due, you are responsible for that charge. Feel free to ask me any questions you have :biggrin:
  7. Vang: I work at Goyard in San Francisco, and we can ship to Singapore. The shipping charge is determine by the total amount of the transaction, and if there any any customs that are due, you are responsible for that charge. Feel free to ask me any questions you have
  8. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Actually I started this thread in Dec 2009,and I have already got my St Louis PM sometime in Jan 2010, from Goyard in London.

    Thanks for your clarifications, as I, and probably some other TPFers have the impression that US Goyard would not ship internationally.
  9. ditto...barney's also offered to ship the hotel du parc internationally as well...
  10. When I've contacted Goyard SF in the past, they advised that they wouldn't ship internationally. Has this position changed recently?
  11. Mette: How long ago was this? I'm not to sure if the policy has changed, but we ship by UPS now so we can ship internationally. Maybe it was a different shipping company we used before i started working for the company.
  12. Hi GG - the first time was about 18 months ago. It's great to know that you'll now ship internationally! I've ordered all my Goyard from Paris as they have shipped internationally. Thanks for the update!!

  13. Hey Goyard Girl, I live in the UAE and contacted both France branches via email with no response and it has been months! I am interested in a Customized Bag. Let me know what I should do next. Thanks!!
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  15. Mette: no problem :smile: let me know if there's any questions
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