Goyard-Interntational shipping?

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  1. Oh I didnt mean to get contact info or anything just thought maybe you could point me in the right direction. Thats ok. Thanks!!
  2. Today I finally received my bag from Paris, but in the there isn't any receipt or letter..anything! is that normal?
  3. I've never received receipts with anything I've received from Paris either.

    I never worried too much about it because the items I've received are items that I can't ever imagine wanting to sell or part with. If you'd like a receipt, perhaps contact the Paris store and see if they can scan it and e-mail it to you?
  4. Hi Stefano and Mette,

    I am surprised to hear that receipt is not in the package.
    I am thinking about ordering but I don't want to get charged for high tax and duty.
    If you don't mind, may I ask a couple of questions?
    Does Paris store declare the value of the item anywhere on the package?
    What courrier do they use?

    Thank you!
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    I just received my St Louis GM totes from Paris Goyard boutiuque. Ordered 3 of them! Love them all!:biggrin: (Will do a super short reveal soon when I finish taking the pix....)

    FYI, shipping to Hong Kong was:
    Euro70 for 1
    Euro70 for 2
    Euro110 for 3

    It's not like what I read here...shipping was not that expensive from Paris. Maybe shipping company used for different countries differ as well? The shipping company they use for HK was Exnet Paris, which is linked to Cathay Pacific. I got my bags in 1 week time. They have tracking no. for me to track as well. I got an invoice from Goyard too! Everything is great! It was all in the form of email communication and I got the response I needed from Paris in no time.

    FYI, Paris price increase happening these few days. Goyard GM Saint Louis will be up from Euro680 to Euro750.

  6. Yes, the price was declared on the package. If memory serves me correctly, they used UPS.

    Unlike miacillan's experience, Paris didn't confirm the price of shipping for me when the item was sent. I was contacted by UPS once the item had arrived and paid for the shipping at that point. It's been about 14 months since I ordered anything from Paris and had it sent to me; the process may have changed since then.
  7. Hi, do you know the exact name of the courier company that delivered your package linked to Cathay Pacific? Did you pay customs tax when you received your goyard bags? Thanks!

  8. It's RPX. And no, I never pay any customs tax as Hong Kong is a tax free port, and anything for personal use is exempted from import declaration. That's the beauty of living here...:P

  9. yes, i just got quoted 170 Euros for shipping 7 bags to Hong Kong. it works out (per item) to be cheaper to have it sent over here than buying it in Paris - because of the full tax refund vs. the 12% you get in Paris!
  10. The shipping works great and they are super nice! To Sweden it costs 60 €.
  11. Has anyone shipped one to Australia; looking to purchase a St Louis PM? Wondering how much would the S&H cost and if custom duties apply? What's the diff btw ordering it fm London or Paris? TIA!
  12. I've ordered a few items and have them shipped to Australia.

    There's no difference in the items themselves when they are shipped from the UK or Paris, the difference will be in the cost. I recommend contacting both stores to enquire about the price of the item you're after and then convert it to Australian dollars. Someone mentioned the other week that Paris recently underwent a price increase but London didn't. As the $A is quite good against the Euro, I'd still check out the price from both stores.

    Regarding the cost of shipping, I don't remember exactly, but it came in somewhere at about $A100.
    Additional charges are payable with customs if the item is valued at over $A1000.
    - You'll be charged duty (anything between 0-10% of the total cost depending on the item, most good are around 5%),
    - You'll need to pay GST at 10%. While duty is calculated only on the cost of the item, the GST is calculated on the cost of the item and the shipping cost.

    There's a good summary here at ebay about how the charges work when you buy something that is over A$1000. - http://reviews.ebay.com.au/The-A-Z-of-Importing-into-Australia-Duty-GST-Customs_W0QQugidZ10000000015634691
  13. Thanks Mette!
  14. Would anyone know it goyard ships to Manila?
  15. Goyard London and Goyard Paris will ship anywhere in the world. The delivery fee depends on the cost of the item, the weight and where it is being delivered to.

    Depending on the laws of your country, you may be required to pay duty and/or taxes before you can take delivery of the item.