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Jun 4, 2009
I'm sure this has already been answered at some point, but don't want to go thru 78 pages to find out:hrmm:
I've had a nude Marmont bag for close to 2 yrs. and have had no issues (& when I first got it, I used this bag almost daily for close to 3 months).... however, I just bought the super mini in white today that I plan on wearing as a belt bag/crossbody... has anyone had issues with color transfer on the white???

Much thanks!


Jan 21, 2019
Hello! I think the long strap is meant to be worn as a crossbody bag. It’s perfect for me and I’m 5”3 and, for some reason, it also looks good on tall Youtubers that I watch. I’m assuming you haven’t tried on the bag in person. Please do so before purchasing it. If I didn’t try on different bags, I would’ve ended up with the Medium which I thought was perfect, but was too big for my frame and flashy when I put it on.

Also, I watched a lot of Youtube videos about the GG Marmont prior to buying it. Many Youtubers review it, try it on and show what fits inside. I suggest watching different ones to see it on different heights and body types.
Thanks for your reply. I did watched a lot of youtube videos and still have the question. I do agreed with you, will go in store and try it on when I have the chance, I live 2 hours away from store. Does your bag go pointy at the top after long wear?and do you wear it crossbody a lot?


Jan 21, 2019
Yes the small camera bag is definitely a crossbody bag. The strap is adjustable so you should be fine.
I personally didn’t love this size and went with the mini.
For a camera bag that matches the capacity of the Marmont small I prefer the Gucci Soho Disco and have 3 of those already. There are some details to the small marmont shoulder camera bag that I don’t love which is why I returned it 2 times.
Watch a lot of videos and you will know all you need to make your choice. [emoji1]
I am after a shoulder bag, not camera bag :P:P
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Mar 24, 2019
Can someone let me know what color the interior of the black small Gucci marmont
My Matelasse small flap’s interior is a tan colour. Not sure if that’s the style you’re talking about. Not sure about the camera bags and velvet flaps


Nov 16, 2017
North Carolina
So excited to join this club. This is my 1st Gucci bag and she is just dreamy!!!! Marmont flap in porcelain rose, medium. :love: I went into the store just to try out the sizes and when the SA pulled out this beauty, I KNEW she was coming home with me. And so did DH, he handed over our card the second he saw my face. (Love that man!!!!!)


Nov 26, 2006
Hong Kong

Gucci Marmont Flap in Mini Pink Velvet [emoji173]️

This bag is one good example where I love, love, love the bag but seems doesn’t suit me because of the size. [emoji20]