Foods that oddly enough- taste great together!

  1. Mine is very similar to MarneeB's idea: I like french fries dipped in a chocolate shake or chocolate malt. Oh, and I love wasabi on deli sandwiches.
  2. cheese and maple syrup sandwiches mmmmmmm :drool:
  3. french fries dipped in spicy mayonnaise or a spicy mango sauce
  4. french fries with a chunky blue cheese dressing
  5. ^^Haha, that reminded me of this after-hours snack we used to eat in college. The restaurant had feta cheese dressing that they gave you with french fries. The feta cheese tasted oddly like #2 pencil lead (c'mon, we all used to chew up those old wooden pencils in grammar school, admit it1). Somehow though, the "dish" was just delicious. Or maybe it's because we only ate it after a long night of drinking and anything was good at that point:party:
  6. banana slices on a peanutbutter toast
    blue cheese with figue jam and roasted pumpkin seeds on bread (that's actually how one gourmet cheese restaurant serves it. loved the combination ever since)
    pickles and ham
    French fries with regular mayonnaise
    breaded deep-fried chicken with mayonnaise (baked in fat, dipped in fat, love it)
  7. yesyesyesyesyes! That's the first thing I though of when I saw this thread. My bff worked at Wendy's when we were in high school, so that meant plentyyy of free frosties and french fries for mee :drool:
  8. Was at a restaurant and they had saganaki with sweet figs on top! It was odd but it tasted great!
  9. YES. love that. also apple slices on peanut butter toast or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
    bacon and maple syrup.
  10. what's saganaki?
  11. Saganaki is a type of cheese, greek I believe. They pan fry it till it's crispy on the outside. It's heaven for cheeselovers like me!
  12. Saganaki is delicious. I always order it when I go to a Greek restaurant.
  13. peanut butter and honey on toast
    grapes with cheese
  14. strawberrys&balsamic vinegar, it's sooo goood!

    when I was little, I always used to make a special burger, with arugula, mango chutney and sweet&sour sauce. It was heaven!

    or wasabi&honeyglazed breadsticks...awesome!
  15. I love frosties with french fries!!!:yahoo:I also like avacado and blu cheese.