Foods that oddly enough- taste great together!

  1. Are there any things you like to eat together that really don't go together or most people find weird?

    Two of mines:

    Chocolate cookies,brownies, or cake etc with Lemonade
    Chili con Carne & rice with apple sauce
  2. I enjoy cheese and jam (jelly) on bread. The savoury cheese with the sweet jam go really well together.
  3. tortilla chips and honey
    soy sauce and eggs
  4. Here are a few of my faves. Some people seem to think they are a little odd, but I love 'em:

    tasty cheese and canned beetroot/beets
    tomato and passionfruit
    peanut butter and pineapple
    cream cheese, peanut butter and tomato
    Vegemite and avocado
    Vegemite and scrambled eggs
  5. vanilla pudding with applesauce mixed in
    sour cream and onion chips on my bagel with cream cheese
  6. soy sauce with fresh tomato and sugar- a taiwanese friend taught this to me when I was young :smile:
  7. Soft blue vein cheese & jalapenos
    Iceberg lettuce leaves sprinkled with sugar
  8. Vanilla Ice cream and Hot Buttered Popcorn
  9. i like deans onion dip or hell of a good dip with dorittos other people think its gross but i like it
  10. raisins and sharp cheese
  11. Baked potato and horseradish.

    This might not be odd but I love the flavor of canteloupe and cottage cheese.
  12. Cheese and jelly sandwiches
    Chocolate with lays lightly salted chips
    Mayo & lettuce on toast
  13. cheese and banana
  14. French fries (or ruffles potato chips) dipped in soft serve ice cream. Yum.
  15. I should try this, I can see where this might be good.

    I have another one, popcorn with chocolate. I used to put popcorn in my chocolate icecream but now I usually just eat chocolate bars or crunch a bunch with it