Foods that oddly enough- taste great together!

  1. sometimes i mix and sometimes I just eat them separately out of their respective boxes. I've never tried snow caps though, I usually get crunch a bunch
  2. dates stuffed with ricotta with bacon
    sea salt + caramel or chocolate
    Cantalope + proscutto
  3. sweet and sour sauce with pizza
    sweet and sour sauce on white rice
  4. This will sound strange but watermelon with feta cheese.

    It is commonly served in Greece and it is DELICIOUS!
  5. It is, in Turkey too. Yum! Especially when eaten under the stars on the roof while socializing with family and friends. :smile:
  6. Fries and ice cream ! Delicious !
  7. Eggs sprinkled with barbecue rub.
    Ramen and peanut butter.

    Not as weird, but my fiancee makes fun of me alot for eating "fruit cereal". I just cut up all kinds of fruits and cover them in soymilk and eat them like cereal.
  8. :tup: totally agree! I also like wheat thins in vanilla ice cream/custard.

    For me, I like to add ketchup to a lot of things.
    Such as: macaroni & cheese, plain potato chips, mashed potatos.

    Also not quite as weird but ranch and pizza.
  9. -chips with feta cheese
    -nutella and cheese on toast
    -chilli seasoning on apples, pears
  10. Beer and Sprite (apparently, some form of this is common in Germany)

    M&Ms and popcorn

    Jelly & cream cheese on bagels
  11. I thought i was the weird one who goes to Mcdonalds and orders fries with their ice -cream! The taste is divineeee....
  12. Just thought of another one, fritos dipped in sour cream!
  13. proscuitto and (cantalope) melon is the most famous odd combo

    I add -

    Chocolate and Frangelico (add fresh raspberries for a huge whammy)

    Scrambled eggs, Emmenthal cheese, fresh rosemary

    Scrambled eggs, cheddar, dijon mustard, bit of buttermilk

    Polenta circle topped with roasted brussel sprouts, vermouth, toasted hazelnut bits.
  14. Chocolate covered raisins and buttered popcorn
    McDonalds Chocolate shake and fries
  15. Sliced hardboiled eggs in Ramen or Cup 'O Soup :drool:
    Pizza dipped in ranch dressing