Fendi Spy HELP!!

eeskanda said:
How many Fendi Spys do you own? I am tempted to purchase the honey color..but I know that it is a hard color to match.

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eeskanda said:
Thanks everyone for your posts...:love:
I cant seem to sleep at night thinking that it might be fake.hehehe
There is the other metal tag in there Sweet Tea, I know what you mean about the bubble leather I think its kinda bubbly, would love to see yours!!1
Hi I am a loser who sells fakes.


Dec 20, 2005
I am trying to resize my pics so I can post it here. Also I noticed that the number under the hologram sticker the two letters AD(mine) and follow with 5 digits number. Check yours if yours have the same format. I hope this doesn't make you panic like I said I could be wrong. I hope other member will come to help too to determine if yours is real of fake. This is the reason why I don't buy bags anywhere else beside the designer butique itself or reputable department store like NM and SAks for example.