Fendi Spy HELP!!


Apr 1, 2006
Hi I purchased my Fendi Spy in Rome Italy from a boutique.
I am just making sure that it is authentic..
What do you girls think??


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Gorgeous bag!!!:love: :love: :love: I have the dark brown one like that. Which boutique did you buy in Rome? I bought mine from Fendi boutique in US so I don't have to worry about the authenticity of the bag. But that bag looks real Fendi spy from your pics unless someone in this forum can spot something I don't see.:biggrin:
Ahh thank you soo much! I am soo relieved. I bought it from a boutique on Via Veneto. I have more pictures of it.


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Hold on..something fishy about your spy. I check mine and I will try to take pics so you can compare with yours but something seems different in yours. For example there is another leather tag that sewn with the material like shiny metal with Made in Italy, Fendi logo and Fendi word in the middle of the leather tag (square) and it located inside the front side of bag (in the middle part). Do you have that on yours? Also spy leather usually has bubble on the texture, your is textured but no bubble? I will try to post pics of my spy asap. I could be wrong because I am not an expert and I can tell you that for sure.:biggrin: And oh I only have one spy bag and it is dark brown. I love my spy:love: :love: .
Thanks everyone for your posts...:love:
I cant seem to sleep at night thinking that it might be fake.hehehe
There is the other metal tag in there Sweet Tea, I know what you mean about the bubble leather I think its kinda bubbly, would love to see yours!!1