Fendi Spy HELP!!


Feb 4, 2006
maxmara said:
THe leather looks off to me. did you buy from authorized retailer?

I agree ... I hate to be the voice of dissent but I think yours is fake. There is a seller on IOffer that sells an excellent replica of the spy. Theirs is the best that I have seen (though I haven't seen it IRL) because they try to use very textured (turtley) leather like the authentics. The leather on your spy has the same look as theirs. I could be wrong ... it is just my observation:shame: .

I just noticed trufflesbang said the same thing.


Feb 23, 2006
eeskanda said:
I cant do anything about it really, I paid full price which really sucks!
I guess I wish I never asked!!

did you pay with your credit card? you may be able to use the buyer's protection and make a claim through your credit card. i'm pretty certain your bag is not real. the leather inner tag is wrong (the font is wrong, missing some letters and numbers, frayed at the right edge). there are also some other things wrong also, but it's very subtle. there are people selling superfake spy bags for ~$1000 and claim the bag are authentic because they are made of similar quality leather, etc. sorry you were a victim of this. sorry.:sad:


Apr 1, 2006
actually i paid with credit card and the charge has not gone through...I just thought it looked so real. and the tags were on it and everything, I am usually really good at spotting fakes, I dont know why this time I fell for it!


Dec 20, 2005
I am sorry if you are the victim of this fake bag seller. And I agree with other member suggestion to return your bag or stop the payment immediatelly by contacting your cc company. Don't settle for fake! With that the full price you can go to the Fendi butique or other dept store that sales high end handbags. Let us know the outcome.