FENDI REVEALS- *Post photos of your newest additions here*

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  1. 488FA7A4-03A8-4D78-A344-C99CB2645B46.jpeg
    My new bag !!
    any suggestion for a matching shoes!?
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  2. Oh my. What a beautiful bag! :smile: Enjoy it.
  3. Super cute micro bag. How are you finding it by the way? What do you manage to squeeze in it if you don’t mind me asking? Is it as useful as you had hoped?
  4. Thank you! I’m using it as an evening bag for more casual events. So far it’s been to a comedy club and a martini bar. I travel light at night, so I don’t mind not being able to fit much.

    My saint laurent 6 key holder (with drivers licence and 2 credit cards inside), a Dior mirror, and my lip pencil for touch ups. That’s capacity!!! Definitely does not fit my iPhone unless I place it upright and it hangs out. I don’t care for that aesthetically, and it feels clumsy- so I just carry separately.

    I give this baby a 10 for looks. Practicality wise not so much. But if you’re a minimalist, it’s a dream. Hope this helps!
    04778965-DBFE-4B22-B71F-6110B85D0429.jpeg 5DA17C09-0F54-4589-B6B8-BDADC01B02AA.jpeg
  5. This is so cute! Is this a mini?
  6. That’s so much for sharing! It’s such a cute bag!
  7. Thank you for posting a “what’s in my bag”. I’m thinking of getting one myself and it’s so cute!!! I love how you put the Fendi strap on it as well. I love it!!!
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  8. My first peekaboo- it was love at first sight stock photo just for reference of the peekaboo detail. 20181007_224953.jpg Screenshot_20181007-190807_Chrome.jpg
  9. il
    Hi what size is your Kan I bag? How do you liking the bag? And is there any color transfer issue? I can’t stop thinking about this bag
  10. Vintage Mama Baguette from japanese ebay seller
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  11. image.jpg My first Fendi bag ( followed by a peekaboo & a Kan I. The 3 Jours was purchased a couple of years back. The charm was purchased before the bag though
  12. E2C5C790-2BD1-4EDE-AD70-0DBF5EB03FC0.jpeg Here comes my latest addition to my little Fendi family.... still needs to be dressed up with a Fendi Strap you. Any suggestions what to get to dress it up a little?
  13. Loooove your bag!! Congrats and enjoy in good health
  14. IMG_4080.jpg

    My new Kan I. Love it.