FENDI REVEALS- *Post photos of your newest additions here*

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  1. How about these new ones? They're so fun!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Ugh, i love the first one. Why'd you have to show me?:nuts:
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  3. Yea, I saw the
    love love! I am so happy to see others buying this Kan bag version. Everyone seems to be buying the scalloped kan or the zucca version of ours but not all black! Now that I am seeing on someone else, it does look gorgeous!
  4. I saw these & they definitely caught my eye! I need to try them on the bag to get a feel. Do you think all strap yous go with all Fendi bags regardless of the design? Like this one would go with my Subtle Kan I?
  5. I think that these go well with a lot of bags, but especially with a Fendi bag. Doesn't matter what the Fendi design is.
  6. Love the new Fendi Mania collection IMG_0107.jpg
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  7. Is this the mini? I have this bag too!
  8. Cousins! Not pictured: matching strap.
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  9. Love it
  10. My first Fendi bag! Vintage brown Spy Bag in accordian leather.

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  11. Loving the Fendi x Fila collection! IMG_0168.jpg IMG_0177.jpg
  12. Fendi twilly. 20181216_064345_wm.jpg
  13. I added the short velvet strap to my monster kan I and I also got a new kan I and added a different strap for a bit more flavor!! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  14. This bag intrigues me...have seen many on ebay for very little but also some for prices that seem more realistic...so am being really cheeky and asking if you could tell me what it cost...dm if you like.
  15. Another Christmas prezzie from Mr. S. :love:

    Fendi silver calfskin wallet on chain. 72BF7BEA-0B9B-421F-B3CC-298805394411.jpeg
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