FENDI REVEALS- *Post photos of your newest additions here*

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  1. No problem, I bought the bag from a consignment store in UK (wanted to feel safe about the authenticity). So I had to pay additional shipment to Sweden. In total it was around 180-190£ or around 200-210$ (I think). Which was more expensive than it had to be, but I thought it was worth the extra money.
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  2. Picked up this K charm to represent my daughter’s name, Kennedy [​IMG]
  3. First Fendi purchase ever ; love it IMG_5829.JPG
  4. Love the scarf! This is my first Fendi as well. Fell in love and finally pulled the trigger when I saw one in stock on Forward. Looooooove it! Crappy work pics, will take some better ones this weekend if anyone wants to know more about this bag. [​IMG][​IMG]
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  5. LRG_DSC00161.JPG
    Fendi 2Bag. :smile:
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  6. This is my first Fendi purchase as well. I was supposed to go for the By The Way bag but my husband told me this suits me better. Gotta love an enabler :biggrin:

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    This is my new to me Fendi 2jours medium bag It has 2 colored strap black and yellow and 2 Fendi twiillies. I got this for a steel
    It is my first Fendi piece. I will go and check if i can add the tag as there was no tag on the bag.Hope they sell it separately.[​IMG][​IMG]
  8. My new logo shopper :biggrin:

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  9. Just receive this beauty, peekaboo large with python lining.It was preowned but never used ...This was my second fendi in 10 days.I use to buy only LV but I can’t deny Fendi bags looks so good, leather is so nice, hope they hold as well as they look.

  10. My fendi bag charm/tote. :smile:

    53E21D6F-5C34-4E9F-B41E-00A2DFB774E1.jpeg 8061D63C-F4B4-4128-9E0B-4FFF0F42C1F3.jpeg 172DB187-7A91-4CFB-963A-1884D94DCB35.jpeg
  11. Thank you. I couldn’t believe that tote came inside that little pouch. :biggrin: Now to put it back in. :lol:

    I love it so much. They actually have a backpack also. :biggrin: But that’s not me; unless I go hiking. :lol:
  12. Hi guys i’ve been eyeing for a Kan I F bag but i dont really see them often here. I wonder if it’s worth buying as my first Fendi piece. Thanks!
  13. Hi guys
    Just wanna share my first Fendi Kan I bag
    Love at first sight❤️

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