Fendi Fellas

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  1. Thanks guys
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  2. Hi I got it from luisaviaroma.com recently at a 50% discount so I can't complain about that :smile:
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  3. For those interested here are some comparison pics of it against my Peekaboo Fit from the Selleria line with a grey Roman leather exterior and navy blue interior.
    20180720_154654.jpg 20180720_154733.jpg 20180720_154750.jpg
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  4. Wow! 50% off!!! What an incredible deal!
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  5. WHAT!!! OMFG!!!! Lucky!
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  6. 1st time poster! Omg my new wallet came today! Love it. Quality and finish is impeccable and best part was half price! £490 to £240
    2634DF81-5D58-4059-A2EF-ABB70718FEDB.jpeg 39E3C02F-AF01-41A6-9529-472599C74C14.jpeg
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  7. That is one LOVELY wallet, I love the fact that the accordion leather part isn't black but grey, nice quaint touch.

    The best part of it being Fendi, is that, even when it's smooth leather, it will not be as prone to scratches as other brands, (I know I always mention this) I have my second-hand calf leahter/suede PB and the calf part is really sturdy, the wallet looks like that leather, you'll surely enjoy many years with that tasteful wallet of yours.

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  8. Beautiful!!!
  9. What a fantastic buy! Very nice piece
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  10. #1555 Jul 26, 2018
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    The moment where the bag you really want goes on 50% sale and you still can't afford it.....
    Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 8.38.13 PM.png
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  11. Wow! Great price!
  12. I know! but I am beyond broke at this moment. Stupid knee surgery
  13. Sorry to hear, but at least you got a backpack that you've been wanting for a while. :smile:
  14. I didn't end up buying it.:-s I couldn't justify the price right now. maybe I'll get lucky again sometime around the Thanksgiving sale season.
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  15. Sorry to hear that. Something nice always ends up going on sale each season anyway :smile:
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