Fendi Fellas

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  1. Something tells me that you'll find an even cooler Fendi bag, either a cooler backpack or perhaps a nice beautiful PB ;)!!!
    Hope you recover fully real soon from your surgery!
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  2. I posted a similar photo on the mon tressor thread, but never posted it here! Here’s a photo from Feb with my green MT. I need to use her more often!
  3. I love the colour!
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  4. I am loving this outfit, head to toe
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  5. Thank you! The color is way more vibrant in person and the leather is soooooo soft
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  6. Awwwww, thanks JT!! Xx
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  7. hi, excuse me.... can I have my bag back please ;).... wth!!!!!!! when did they have the smaller version of this? I am obsessed with larger one they are currently selling. You're right, the pictures do it no justice. I am working to get the large one:panic:.
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  9. Saw that as well, here's hoping the one with the zucca pattern goes on sale at some point, haha.
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  10. It did, Matchesfashion during the Spring/Summer sale for 40% off!!! I couldn't justify getting another black Peekaboo even though the interior was different.
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  11. Yes, I actually checked your older message to see if this was the one before I posted this. I hope you find the zucca!
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  12. I love Matches Fashion!
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  13. Well I'm guessing it wasn't meant to be, also I think it would have to be at least 50 off for me to jump the gun, I already have two, and months ago I fell in love with a white one I saw on the SS runway but, after my trip to NYC I don't think it's something attainable short term.

    I did get some really cool sneakers from the Fendi outlet so, that's that.
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  14. I'd love to visit the outlet. The one in Woodbury Common? Every time I visit Manhattan I'm tempted to take the bus there, but I haven't had time to do so yet.
  15. For me it's a must, I always leave there drowning in debt but with several shopping bags in my hands.
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