Fendi Fellas

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  1. Joining the fellas with my new peekaboo monster :smile:
  2. I love how you accessorized it with the Fendi charm!
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  3. Thanks!

    I was debating between the monster in selleria or the soft calf leather with the Fendi monogram print (same as the charm), but I decided at the end that the selleria would be everlasting and more durable, so I added the charm as homage to the other one haha :smile:
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  4. Good choice on the Selleria. It is very durable. Being my priciest bag, I certainly reach for the Peekaboo the most because it is so easy to use and relatively worry-free, thanks to the Selleria leather.
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  5. Contributing my brother's look today (this is not me), with his Fendi duffel bag accessorized with a Fendi StrapYou.
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  6. The Peekaboo has new iterations for Fall 2019. It comes in nylon, and also in an "Essential" version with a leather seam in the middle of each side:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  7. The Baguette is also made for men this season in a few styles, including a waistbag version that is also a messenger bag in the large size
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  8. I wonder what the price point for a nylon Peekaboo would be...
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  9. That was my first thought when I saw it.
    Also i'm not really sure if like it or not, looks a little fluffy.. must see it in person.
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  10. I really like Porter so this is a great collaboration. I have found the leather PB pretty light in advance so this is probably featherweight. Just hoping they strike a balance with pricing. I would find anything above maybe 1200 usd to be robbery still but looking forward to seeing this irl. Would be perfect in the Scandinavian climate I live in or maybe as a travel bag.

    Not sure how I feel about the baguette though. The metal buckle/logo does not appeal to me but would like to see it irl first before ruling it out.
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  11. The Baguette looks a bit feminine because of the FF buckle on the front, especially in the small size.

    Fendi's prices for their nylon bags is on the higher side (their nylon backpacks are $2000+) so I think the nylon Peekaboo will be around $2500USD+. I personally like the new leather version more, and I LOVE the Peekaboo XLite. I hope to get my hands on it someday.
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  12. I would find it very hard to justify spending that much on nylon.
    Agree, the buckle does look a bit feminine, but for me it’s generally the size of the logo. Not a big logo mania fan (save for the straps!!) I would love to have the trimmed logo shearling/fur strap and use it with my mulberry tote
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  13. I actually like the small baguette in nylon but I hate the fact that it is a belt bag. If it were a straightforward messenger or crossbody style, I could see myself being very tempted. Then again, maybe it’s a good thing that there’s not something else to add to my list of wants!
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  14. Prada joins Fendi, Dior, and Saint Laurent in making men's versions of their popular women's bags:

    Men's Galleria Saffiano Leather bag:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I still like the Fendi men's Peekaboo more. I think it has enough modifications to make it different enough from the women's version. The Prada men's Galleria just looks like a larger version of the women's Galleria with a nylon strap.


    And I really like the new Xlite version. It's so different and yet still has the Peekaboo style:
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  15. Fellas!

    Do you guys do anything to protect your peekaboo handle from wear and tear and body/oil transfers?

    I know many ladies use twillys, and I've seen the love handle things but unsure about either.. maybe a plain black twilly (I have a black peekaboo) or something would do.

    Curious if you use/do anything and would love to see styling pics!