Favorite white tanks!

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  1. Old Navy
    Express for thin strap tanks with the built in shelf bra
  2. Old Navy ones are great if you don't wanna spend a lot. Other than those, I like American Apparel.
  3. Which American Apparel styles do you guys like the best? I'm having trouble deciding.
  4. Vanessa Bruno does great white tanks. Rick Owens and Helmut Lang has lovely basics too.
  5. I know many have said Gap, but the GapBody seamless tanks are seriously amazing. I wear these practically under everything! They are a bit thinner, so the white is probably not good for just wearing on their own. They come in spaghetti straps and wider "straps".
  6. Old Navy
  7. My favorites that I own--
    Old Navy; very soft and the lace on the top is very pretty. I wear it under a lot of things.
    abercrombie; soft as all abercrombie things are, perfect length that the lace peeks underneath other tops
    Aeropostale; very comfortable but a bit too long

    All mine were cheap! Aero one was $4!! Old Navy around $12? and the abercrombie tank was $25 I think
  8. Target's Mossimo - they are just like James Perse, but much cheaper. the only problem is they don't always have them.
  9. I would go with something cheap since white wifebeaters tend to get stained after 1-2 seasons. I got mine at a Gap outlet for $3. If you don't care and just want something good, the other choices mentioned (James Perse, C&C, splendid, etc) are good, I definitely get those for other colours and tees.
  10. I got a lot from H&M - they're really thin (almost see through... but its great for layering!)
  11. J Crew
  12. Anyone have issues with their tanks/tshirts stretching? Even after washing it doesn't go back to its original size.. I'm wondering if I should just buy a size smaller than usual so even if they stretch, it's okay. Could anyone recommend brands that don't change shape after wearing?
  13. Intimissimi's don't change shape at all, and neither do C&C California's. Nor do James Perse tanks.
  14. Forever 21 ribbed tanks if you like them to be fitting
  15. C&C and James Perse fits well for me..