Favorite white tanks!

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  1. Love James Perse, GapBody & Banana Republic Outlet (they seem to run smaller then in the store for some reason!)
  2. Splendid are crazy soft..American Apparel are good too
  3. i have to try AA....they are finally opening one up in my mall. yay!
  4. I usually get this kind of basics off of NY&Co. Tanks, yoga pants, etc. Old Navy makes good ones too, and they come in several cuts. I wouldn't recommend the Target Mossimo ones because they tend to stretch out easily at the bottom (at least mine did).
  5. old navy are my favorite, i buy them in bulk.
  6. Target Mossimo Long and Lean tanks are my favorite! I've tried some of the the other brands mentioned but they always stretch out by the end of the day.
  7. james perse, hands down