Favorite white tanks!

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  1. yep.
  2. mimi and coco (I think that's the name) are pretty good as well, as are splendid and Banana.
  3. My fave is Vince but I am also addicted to
    James Perse
  4. James Perse
    Intimissimi has fabulous tanks too that are incredibly comfortable, but aren't expensive at all. They are really well made too.
  5. OLD NAVY! I always needed tanks, and I found that the prices were reasonable and the quality as well. You get what you pay for, but they come in so many colors! Mine lasted me quite a while, as a matter of fact, I'm wearing one right now! I think it's like... 2 for $15

    I used to buy from Target, but realized the quality wasn't great, and often times the fabric wasn't cut correctly, so after a wash, the garment would twist. Sometimes, even before a wash, I could look at the neckline and see that it was crooked! So I definitely don't recommend mossimo.
  6. Gap and J crew for me!
  7. JCrew
  8. Im am going to suggest Shelly Segal. I love them because they are LONG. So you can kind of scrunch them up at the waist, or wear them long and that looks great with a shorter sweater, scarf and leather jacket...
  9. I like James Perse, Vince, C&C and Primp tanks...so comfy and long enough to layer. Great quality too.
  10. h&m
  11. J Crew
  12. My total fav are my Gap ones...they are actually in the lingerie area...but they are close fitting and do not stretch out. Low in the front, not too thick on the strap, and soft. LOVE them!
  13. All my tanks are from Old Navy or Wet Seal. I really like the Old Navy ones.
  14. J. Crew
  15. Susana Monaco. Hands down! Her supplex styles never pill/stretch out and they travel really well.