Favorite white tanks!

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  1. Hey girls! I was wondering if you could let me know what your favorite basic tanks are! I need to stock up before going back to school. I'm looking for something with wider straps and a racer back that isn't cut too high in the front (ideally). Any and all recommendations are appreciated - let me know what you like the best!
  2. I like Old Navy better than anything else, actually.
  3. h&m has great tanks. i just bought one last week, theyre sooo comfy and soft. plus, theyre only $5.90 soo it was a good buy.
  4. james perse has GREAT ribbed tanks
  5. Jcrew!
  6. Splendid and Michael Stars
  7. Thanks for the replies so far! If you can provide links or names or retailers that would be especially helpful.
  8. J crew wifebeater's (no idea what a better name for them is lol)! I've bought over a dozen the last few years; I practically live in them they're so comfy. They are longer this year and don't seem to shrink as much as other brands do. Once I bought a few from Old Navy, and they shrank almost 5 inches on the bottom, seriously, no idea how that happened or why.
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    C&C California
    James Perse
  10. I love the ones by James Perse and American Apparel.
  11. Great thread! I LOVE wifebeaters!!! I buy all of mine from Gap and Banana Republic. My Gap ones only have slight stretch, the Banana Republic have more stretch but I think the fabric is more delicate. They all have good coverage without being too high cut. My GAP one is not see-through either.
  12. Rick Owens makes cute, basic ones. They're good quality and he also makes some racer-back style. They do look like they run a little small though so if you're an XS, you should get a S, like probably size up one size.

    If you don't want to spend a whole lot on tanks, American Apparel has really good basic ones that are very comfy. And I second Micheal Stars.
  13. James Perse
    Three Dots
  14. tARGET Mossimo tanks are great!! (and cheap):yahoo:
  15. my vote is for c&c california and vince = amazing!!!