Fabulous February 2019 here we come

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  1. The pink is so very pretty. :smile: Enjoy your beautiful new bag.
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  2. beautiful! I am going to be eye-ing this bag until I’m able to get my hands on it...which won’t be until next month.
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  3. Love it! I have the Nano too and it's so perfect- holds everything I need:heart:
    Congratulations!! Love the mini pochette too:smile:
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  4. These are on their way to me
  5. Love this! I am a pink fanatic as well:heart:
    I noticed this bag right away and was drooling:smile:
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  6. I meant for Chinese New Year, but ok lol
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  7. I got this bag last month in the hot pink. It's such a great bag!
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  8. Thanks! It's never wrong to get another one. :biggrin:

    Thank you! :flowers: yes, it's great! I love that it's so versatile. :nuts:
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  9. This is gorgeous fyn and very you. When I think of pink, it’s got your name all over it. Didn’t you have a black one as well? You keeping both colours?
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  11. These are so pretty! Someone posted (can’t remember if I saw it here or instagram) and I loved it. Do you intend to wear it or place on bag or both? Congrats
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  12. The pink looks so vibrant compared to the picture on-line. Congratulations thanks for the share.
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  13. thanks girl! so excited to use it! has your nano held up well?
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  14. I wish I was stylish enough to pull off wearing them! I place them on my bags
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  15. Late to the party but it’s just so beautiful and I’ve ran out of friends irl to show it to

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