Fabulous February 2019 here we come

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  1. Hi all, can’t believe we made it thru Christmas/New Year and the first month of the 2019. Now onto a short month, but very exciting one with Lunar New Year next week, and Valentines Day the week after. So please, show us all your gorgeous, red, heart, love, purchase/gifts!! Or any purchases/gifts lol. Can’t wait to see them all.
  2. Although I got it last night and posted it in the January thread, I’m going to include it in this thread. :biggrin: It’s a Valentines RED/mono reversible bracelet.:biggrin: I love it so much. :heart:
  3. That’s gorgeous!
  4. Love that this is reversible.
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  5. Thank you. I love it too. :smile:
    Yeah me too. Thanks. :smile: Two bracelets in one; guess that’s why it has a higher price point.
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  6. Something small :love:
  7. Very lucky to chance upon this today!! It is so cute:biggrin:

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  8. Great bracelet to wear on the 5th and 14th too! Very pretty.
  9. Thank you my dear. :smile:
  10. National shower with a friend day. :nuts::lol:

    Don’t plan on wearing it in the shower. :lol:
  11. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Starting Feb right with a fruitful shopping trip today for the holidays and also got myself this reverse beauty. Also received some CNY goodies from my SA
  12. Love this fragrance!!!!! I have the same travel set and I adore it! Enjoy :smile:
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  13. new babies thanks to a wonderful SA :love:

    did some serious browsing in the worldwide SA recommendation thread to get in touch with one and was able to get my hands on the mini PA immediately, waited about two weeks before she had a nano speedy available for me. soo happy :panic:
  14. Reversible? So cool!!
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  15. I have the same set and just ordered the refills - I love the smell and went through the original vials pretty quickly - hope you enjoy it too!
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