Fabulous February 2019 here we come

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  1. I couldn't leave Berlin without visiting LV so I went by KaDeWe, met a wonderful SA and brought home this beauty. The Speedy bandouliere 25 - my first damier ebene. :heart:

  2. This print is just made for this bag! :heart:
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  3. Tbh I was so unsure about this print before I tried the bag on. I was so aw'ed by the fact that it looked so friggin good! I swear I got swept!
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  4. To start off February this released on the 1st. Instant [​IMG]
  5. Ahh so beautiful, congrats! I'm getting mine later this month...going to go nuts waiting!
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  6. I love this. :heart: I originally bought this without the bandolier. Should’ve thought twice. Enjoy.
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  7. So pretty.. Congratulations.. ;)
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  8. I completely agree! This is the perfect Speedy B 25 in my opinion. I use mine all the time. Great choice!
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  9. My SA gave me a sample before this.. Love it! So decided to get this set. She said that we can bring back the empty vials for them to refill :love:

    Yes they do :graucho:
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  10. Awww looks so nice on you! I got offered by my SA the same bag as well but turned it down because its not my style. She said it was so difficult to come by and in my country and they were not accepting pre orders as well.

    Enjoy your CNY!
  11. I can't agree more!
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  13. Thank you! I love how roomy the bag is - I could empty my fully packed twist mm and have everything fit into the cannes. That was a great plus for me.
  14. How cute! Love it, congrats!
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