Fabulous February 2019 here we come

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  1. Love all your new purchases. Enjoy using them. They’re lovely. :smile:
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  3. This is what I got for my 30th birthday :smile: 20190202_170035.jpg
  4. It was my first time to but LV shoes and I got the archlights! I feeling like I’m late to the party but I still love them. :heart:

    The LV store was packed today, and they had all the high priced items out on display to take advantage of all the Lunar New Year shopping going on. :biggrin: Think Millas, Trunk Clutches, Twists, Capucines, Petite Malles, Petite Boite Chapeaus and all these exotic leather bags! I wasn’t able to take pics of the bags because the store was chaotic with all these shoppers around.

    I haven’t unboxed them yet but here’s a pic of my shoes from the store...

  5. I love these!!!
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  6. I had a little mini haul. So excited to share with you: Wave Tote with charm, DE belt, Raw Edges poster (can’t wait to frame), & William Monogram Coasters. IMG_9256.jpg IMG_9060.jpg IMG_9260.jpg IMG_9261.jpg IMG_9252.jpg IMG_9234.jpg IMG_9230.jpg
  7. Solar Ray Cles Pouch :heart: Size wise quite similar to regular monogram cles pouch except this one has a black leather trim around and the interior is also black leather. And then all the additional bells and whistles :amuse:
    17E8929D-F0AD-4159-93DC-CD739F878B3C.jpeg 9E7B9207-D6BD-4492-9A12-3D71022CE583.jpeg 69AAAA96-9E58-4E08-8C64-F02EF905AC7A.jpeg BF98E059-5930-4571-BB49-CC3D77EA481E.jpeg
  8. Lovely haul - Happy Birthday!!! xx
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  10. Thanks so much!
  11. For Chinese New Year which is on the 5th. The color Red symbolizes good fortune and luck.
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  12. I love the Neonoe! It's such an easy everyday bag, so comfortable and easy. I recently bought a top handle from Mcraft so it's easy to pick up and put on my arm if I want to.
    Oh I don't have so many pink bags now. I've sold a bit of my collection, don't believe in keeping bags I don't use, they cost too much. The Montaigne mm, Capucines bb are the only all pink,The Sydney NF, Brittany and now the Saintonge with part pink :biggrin:
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  13. Wow LUCKY! Happy birthday! :smile:
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