Experiences with SELLING to Bag Borrow or Steal

  1. I still in love with them... for me their offer is fair. I just don't want to deal with eBay and fee. I shipped to them by my own money , and i can buy insurance. They usually takes 2, 3 day from the day they received it and inspect it again. and I usually have a check in 3 day after that. So basically, 2 week after you sent them your bag.
  2. I sold to them Gucci... my friend sold them Chloe, Prada... and she is really happy with BBOS. She also sold to Yoogi's closet... but she thinks BBOS is better....depending on brand.
  3. Oh love to hear great reviews. i also sent all four bags in one box i hope that would be ok. i wanted to save and be green :blush:

  4. :yahoo: thanks for your positive feedback. i just sent my bag yesterday with their prepaid label.
  5. I just bought a bag from them for the first time it will arrive ok 4 days I am so excited will let u know of the outcome
  6. A few weeks ago I logged into my BBOS account and saw that they declined my wallet.

    A few days passed and I received no e-mail confirming their decline so I contacted their customer service on their website. After that, they sent me an e-mail telling me they declined my wallet which I already knew from their website. The e-mail came with a UPS tracking number to track the return of my wallet back to me.

    I don't know if they did anything to my wallet but it looks like it came back slightly more beat up than before.
  7. ya-yo- Have you heard anything from Avelle? I sent two bags to them. One arrived on Monday and the other arrives today. I have yet to hear anything about the inspection and my payment and I'm a little nervous after reading the posts on this thread.
  8. UPDATE- my first bag, which arrived at Avelle on 5/2 was marked received on their site on 5/5. I guess it takes them a few days.
  9. Interesting. I am thinking of selling a Louis Manhattan PM to them. Don't really feel like dealing with eBay.
  10. So they finally purchased one of my bags- a Louis Josephine PM- for $300. I should receive the check soon. I think that dealing with them is way better than eBay. You don't have to deal with any crazy buyers or eBay and Paypal fees.
  11. I sold a Chanel bag to them a few months ago. It went pretty much flawlessly. The price they offered was fair and I got the check within a week of them accepting the bag. My only complaint is that the bag is worth a lot of money and I did not want to use their prepaid label as there is no insurance and tracking. So I paid out of pocket and with priority mail + tracking + insurance - it came to $68. I asked if they were willing to pay just for the insurance but they refused. Other than that, I would use them again for future sales.

  12. hello! yes, my experience with avelle was fantastic. when i shipped my bags with thier label the bags did get to them safely with the label they provided. but to save your insanity i would probably suggest paying and tracking your own shipping to them. other than that the label they provided worked fine. I sold them a fendi spy bag and a chloe silverado and they were very helpful and efficient. unfortunately i tried to sell them 3 chloe paddingtons but they decided to not purchase them with no explanation, they did send them back to me immediately in original condition and packed with love. it's ok though because it was just a chance on selling since i never carry them. it took them a few days after receiving the bags to inform me that they wanted to purchase the spy and the silverado. within 5-7 days i received my checks for the sale. very happy with the outcome, i would definitely do business with them again .:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. I would be interested in anyone who BOUGHT a bag from this place? I saw a few bags I liked but wanted to hear from others who have bought (not sold as I see this thread is about SELLERS) THanks!
  14. Hiya Ladies...
    Quick question--when selling to this place and for whatever reason the bag/bags you sent are returned back to you (rejected for any reason)--would you say that you've received everything back 100% (intact) that you originally sent with your bag, or has anything ever come back missing receipts, tags, different bag all-together :shocked:
    Just wanna get some feedback on that issue from y'all. Thanks so much...
  15. It's a hit or miss when them, I have bought a bag that was flithy and smell and I bought item that are in excelent condition.