Experiences with SELLING to Bag Borrow or Steal

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  1. hi all. I don't know if it is the right place to post this but does anyone have experience selling their Coach bag to Bagborroworsteal.com? I have a coach bag I am trying to sell forever at craigslist but no luck. And my DH is paranoid about selling or buying anything from ebay ! anyways, I took bunch of pics to sell on ebay, then my DH comes and totally freaks out and begs me not to sell on ebay....I really don't know what is his problem though. We only 1 time a $10 thing from ebay and that is it. ... I never sold anything but I want to ! So to keep him happy I had to forget about selling on ebay. I had a live chat with BBS and they told me I can put in a request , if they accept it, they will buy it. So, just wanna check if anyone has done that here and how the process works.

    Note: if this is not the right place to post this, then please remove it.
    Thanks in advance
  2. But weren't you just bidding on ebay?
  3. never done anything with them. I would do it on ebay or craigslist. I do ebay a lot. :tup:
  4. yup babidius! I was but that was a big secret I was keeping from him. I gave him hint and got the freaking reaction. .. so decided to just secretly bid early sunday morning when he was still sleeping ..hahhahhaaaaaaaaa. ....
  5. i have heard nothing but horrible things about bag borrow steal. there are so many reviews out there (some on other forums) but overall, they are a really bad company. just do ebay!
  6. oh man, eBay isn't THAT bad! But with Bag Borrow or Steal, I don't know... it would just depend how much you'd get out of it. You might make more of a profit off eBay.
  7. I don't really care of the profit. I used it for a month....so I will be just glad if it sold! I e-mailed them, lets see what they say
  8. COnfused!

    I didn't realize that BB&S bought their items used from other people! I just assumed that they bought them new retail and loaned them out.

  9. That's what I thought tooo...but I took my chance today and asked them if they do that. They said they might accept a used bag and asked me to e-mail them with details of the bag.
  10. I've been desperate to sell some of my Coach bags too that I no longer want, and since I cannot get a Seller's account at the moment (please don't ask why, it's personal reasons. Nothing to do with Ebay or Coach though). So I'm trying to sell them through Craigslist. It's so confusing though, that site.

    So Ebay is the best bet? I might as well go ahead and give it a go when I get the chance to put up a seller's account. :hysteric: I'm confused.
  11. sari -- was looking at your signature. Have your seen the bowling bag by L.A.M.B.? Nordstroms.com has it on sale.

    Regarding this thread, I/we have sold things on craigslist with great success, but never a handbag. I have tried 3 times to sell my never-been-used, beautiful Ergo white leather crossbody/hippie on ebay and no one even comes close to my reserve, which is fair. So, maybe craigslist. Otherwise, back to the outlet.
  12. I did my first ebay sales last month after having no luck on craigslist. It was very easy and a good selling experience. I plan to sell two more once I return from vacation.
  13. I sold a Coach bag awhile back on ebay. Got paid quick through Paypal. Only made $30 profit though after ebay & Paypal got their cut. Buyer forgot to leave me feedback but oh well. Glad bag is sold. Need to sell another.
  14. Thanks! I was just at Nordstrom's today when I went to visit my Coach store to take a look at the Pleated Ergo Satchels, sadly I didn't like the look of them IRL (the Hobo looks cute though). I was disappointed that they didn't have the Patent though. Oh well. As for the LAMB bags, I will take another look at it. I just took a quick browse through their handbags before I left. Thanks for the info! :heart:

    Back on topic, I have two bags that I've bought early last year and were heavily used, and I've thrown away the tags and receipts so it's obvious that I cannot return them. I want to get rid of them somehow and selling them this way is the only way I can do it. :sad:

    I used to have a family friend that I use to be good friends with (not anymore) that had a good experience with selling stuff on ebay, I wish we were still talking so I can have him do it for me. I regret it. :crybaby:

    Interesting!! I will definitely lean towards eBay then. It seems easier to sell there, it seems. I will try it out sometime.
  15. ok ,are to talking to me? I am sorry if I offended anyone by posting this thread :confused1:
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