Experiences with SELLING to Bag Borrow or Steal

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    ^^^ I'll let you know what I hear from them! I'm really hopeing that since the bag I have is a little hard to find and in brand new condition I may have a shot! I wish I could bring myself to carry her, I just can't!

  2. ladies, please do not name the bags you wish to sell, it comes across as subtle advertising.
  3. I just had my first encounter with BBS - positive and also negative. They have an outlet on their web site that sells both "gently carried" items and "never carried", some for pretty decent prices. I ordered a purse a couple of weeks ago, and it never arrived, and didn't show up in my "to be delivered" area of my account. I emailed and they got right back to me, saying they had recently physically moved their warehouse (not to mention had also changed names to Avelle), and that due to the move, they had lost my order and they no longer had the bag. Hmmmm....They did give me the $25 credit, and it's sitting there was we speak.

    I don't think I would borrow from them, not really cost effective (IMO), but sometimes their outlet prices are very good. Just depends on what their rendition of "gently carried" is!
  4. My opinion why not post items here you want to sell. Im sure there is someone on here that is looking for that bag. As for anyone that wants to exchange,trade or sell bags. Can there not be a thread for that? I know Im just building my collection and would like the idea of buying from people that really know coach than to buy something from eBay i dont know what im getting.
  5. PonyGirl, Megs and Vlad have very clear rules for this site, and that includes no buying/selling. It is to protect all of us from potentially unscrupulous people who could troll our boards.

    Here is the excerpt from the rules regarding buying/selling. As you can see there is a built in Marketplaza that is by application only for established members. If you have any further questions or disagree you are free to PM Megs or Vlad to discuss this further.

    "Buying/Selling on tPF
    • Public selling/buying/trading is not permitted. Threads of WTS or WTB nature will be locked or deleted.
    • Soliciting your items for sale via Private Messages is prohibited.
    • Linking your own auctions is not permitted, in posts, signatures or otherwise. This includes eBay, eCrater, iOffer and other auction-type sites.
    • Selling of personal items is only permitted in the invite-only Marketplaza. Instructions on how to gain access are posted here."

  6. Yeah, I agree that this sounds like a good idea, I was so excited about meeting and interacting with people who know so much about Coach, then I read the rules, and my bubble was burst :crybaby:! It's still a great forum though, we just have to wait until we qualify for the Marketplaza.
  7. OT: I'm obsessed with England too :smile: hehe
  8. Ok I tried to search for this, but all I found was threads about people buying from them or their cleaning/repair services. I can't find any threads about people selling their bags to them. :sad: Sorry I tried to search. If there is a thread about this, please help me fine it? Ok onto the topic... does anyone have any experience in selling to them? Are they legit in paying you?
  9. Hmmm doesnt know about selling but I have purchased on their private sale. They are legit. Authentic, well-packed, arrived in time. But for buyers...read the exchange/return policy before buying.
  10. They are not a consignment store. They are mainly like a bag rental site. The bags they sell are from their own supply so, I would think, they can change their inventory and make additional profits as well. If you want to sell you bag, search 'consignment' to find threads discussing this. There are legit online stores doing this. Hope this helps.
  11. Yes do they do buy bags from you!

  12. I got an email from them asking if I had any bags I wanted to sell. I responded with all the info required and pics of an old Fendi just to see what they would say (it's in great condition, like new and still cute) but I never heard back from them! Let me know if you ever hear anything back.
  13. That sucks! I hope they get back to you soon. Will do. I just sent them an email several minutes ago.
  14. I know they do bag restoration services, but never consignment.. maybe they are expanding their services.
  15. I stand corrected!!! I really thought they were just a bag rental thing. :shame: