Engagement ring shapes


What shape do you have? or like if you don't have one yet =)

  1. Round- classic

  2. Princess- timeless

  3. Marquise

  4. Tear

  5. Emerald- high quality less facets

  6. Heart

  7. Radiant/Cushion

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  1. What shape do you have?

    I am thinking of a heart shape for my own. Also if you had a heart shape how would you wear it? heart facing you or away for everyone to see?
  2. i have a princess cut flanked by tapered baquettes
  3. A cushion halo in platinum.
  4. princess cut
  5. I fall into the don't have one yet, but I love radiant cuts, esp. w/ yellow diamonds!

    If I got an actual e-ring and not just a fancy band (an all in one, I dislike high settings and rings w/ prongs), similar to the Perfect Murder Ring in another thread, I'd go for a radiant.
  6. i was actually interested in a higher prong set that lifted the diamond off the band. seems like more light would get in it lol.. but i think thats just for a round or princess
  7. I noticed you added some notes after some of the choices. While I agree that the round is classic, I don't think the princess is timeless. It seems to be a trendy shape right now, time will only tell what it will become :smile:

    I think someone just recently posted a photo of heart shaped diamond. Personally I'd want it facing me, lol. But maybe its supposed to face the right way to everyone else? I'm not sure about that one.
  8. I always thought princess was timeless due to its name. I could be wrong or am wrong =)

    I had this heart shape convo with my bf yesterday and hes like well i'm going to get you a heart shape oneday and you can spend the rest of your life figuring out which way to wear it lol.. i thought that was cute yet cruel since i cant make up my mind which way i like it.
  9. I'm in love with my emerald cut. It sparkes differently than a round brilliant does - more flashes than sparkles. My wedding band will be rounds so that I'll have the best of both worlds!
  10. I don't have one yet, but hopefully will get one this year! I fell in love with the asscher cut :love: I think it's also called a square cut emerald
  11. I have a 2.17 carat round cut set in platinum. I love it!
  12. Mine is a pear...
  13. I have a RB. If I made a change or bought an additional ring, it would be a cushion.
  14. Mine is round. My future upgrade will be round but much bigger. :biggrin:
  15. Cushion with princess sidestones and princesses set into the band.

    Sinniebunnie, setting the stone up higher won't make a difference, the most important factor is having a very well cut stone, which to me is more important than any other aspect in the diamond. Good luck on your diamond search!
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