Dudes and their Diors

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  1. I love the belt and would love to get one for myself too.

    Congratulations on awesome purchases!
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  2. Yes it comes in multiple sizes, and is adjustable. The smallest size they had there was 80, and then 85. It is also only 25 mm thick so it's on the narrow side, meaning it is quite appropriate for women as well since women's belts tend to be thinner than men's.
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  3. Looks like there's a clear winner here :smile:

    The blue will go better with colours like creme and beige in your outfit. Black can pair with these, of course, but not as well.
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  4. Thanks! I love the belt too. The buckle is so nice!
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  5. Like @averagejoe I could not resist the temptation of Saks in Toronto! But I decided to treat myself to two items that had been in my mind, after trying on multiple bags. I went back and forth on different options, including the supple lady Dior in large (too similar to my Diorissimo), the Diorevolution in matte blue and indigo (too similar to my diorama). In the end I decided on two different compact “pouches” instead, which has been a size I’ve been gravitating to recently (down sizing for the win!)

    Any ideas?

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  6. DiorQuake?! The Lady Dior WOC? Or is it the Diorama vertical pouch? REVEAL PLEASE!!!
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  7. There really isn’t getting around you!!

    Decided on blue blue blue quake pouch and lady dior clutch! I wanted something more casual and something more elegant so I decided on both!


    Couldn’t wait to use the quake pouch, paired with my studded strap. A match made in heaven.

  8. :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: Just...wow!

    The DiorQuake and strap are a match made in heaven!
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  9. It looks like the small sizes are sold out online in the us at least. I’ll have to call the stores... did u mention only Saks has homme here? My husband has a relationship with the SA at Yorkdale because of the stuff he bought for me. Would it be better to ask them?
  10. I think Holts Yorkdale only has Dior men's shoes at the moment. A Dior Men boutique should open very shortly there.
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  11. I think a lot of the Kim Jones collection is fit for women, even if it's not necessarily very feminine.
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  12. OH those are absolutely beautiful! Congrats!

    I pass by Holt Renfrew on my way to work and see the high tops and fall more in love each time!
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  13. I know what you mean. I pass the Bloor Holt Renfrew Men's store very often on my runs and I see their floral high tops as well as their Cannage+Oblique low tops which make me want them more and more each time.
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  14. getting the alyx boucle hat might have been a mistake, I feel like a fashion victim .
  15. I don't think it is that trendy. Plus I thought that buckle was going to become a part of Dior Men's vocabulary so we will see it in future collections too, so it will become a Dior Men classic.
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