Dudes and their Diors

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  1. I don't know if it's trendy, but people were staring at my forehead! :lol:
  2. Oh that's what you mean. I think they may have been trying to make out what it's supposed to be. The C and D are not immediately obvious.
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  3. I dont think its about the "C.D", the buckle is quite prominent. If it bothers you then maybe try wearing it like a normal baseball cap then it wouldn't be literally in your face. lol
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  4. IMG_6225.JPG

    Went to check out the Dior Men’s Pre-fall pop-up at Holts Yorkdale... ended up with a little treat [emoji85]

    I was eyeing the oblique card holder and the Saddle cross body pouch but as I already did some damage this passed weekend I decided to control myself... and get something I’ve been searching for all over the city. Now I’ll be putting myself on a ban for a little bit and avoiding the lux areas for a while lol!


    Any guesses? Disclaimer: it’s NOT from the men’s collection, I just asked nicely for the lovely navy bag
  5. Something dior Oblique?
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  6. Nope!


    I decided on the Danseuse Etoile chocker!

    I was originally contemplating between the bracelet or the necklace but as I can double wrap the bracelet into a necklace I decided to go that route instead. I think it will look so chic paired with a button up shirt.
  7. congratulations it looks really nice!
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  8. I love this necklace. Congratulations! I want the ring from this collection.

    Thank you for sharing the picture of the pop up. I will go this Saturday. I can't wait to see it! Did you see any Dior men's jewelry and Saddle bags (including the intermediate size one sling bag)?
  9. Omg I love this
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  10. This is the slings bag they had! I definitely wanted it but I will make due with my quake and lady Dior clutch. I would call to reserve if you are keen because I’m sure they will sell out if they haven’t already.

    They had a good assortment of bags, a couple of versions of the roller pouch, this cross body sling, the saddle clutch, a men’s saddle bag, back packs in oblique and mini saddle, oblique totes. Jewelry was less it was inside the. Concession and only from the prefall collection. An earring, a bracelet, a key ring... all featuring the Sorayama logo.

    Lots of RTW as well and while I was waiting for my purchase to be processed lots of people were purchasing clothing. It’s the busiest I’ve ever seen a Dior boutique in all my years!
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  11. People are crazy about Kim Jones! There will be more drops from the soyarama collection I'm sure even if it sells out initially, but you never know.

    I hope they get the mini back packs in some color other than black again. I missed out on the contrast stiching one for the spring collection... But I don't want black and they seem less popular, well, at least they were available in store a few hours after the release which wasn't the case for the first drop of the spring rendition. :/
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  12. AHHH! I better make my way there tomorrow ASAP! Thanks for the intel!
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  13. I'm so excited to share my new purchase! I've been eyeing this CD Icon ring for a while but it's been unavailable everywhere I've looked. I finally managed to track down the very last one in Korea while on holiday and I'm so thrilled with this piece! The box the ring comes in is also crazy cool. So happy! What do you think?

    20190505_004151.jpg 20190505_004110.jpg
  14. I love it! I want one too!
  15. An image of an attendee at the recent Dior cruise 2020 show (from DiorMag), wearing a Lady Dior bag, J'adior crystal choker, and KaleiDiorscopic sweater: