Dudes and their Diors

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  1. Yikes! That's terrible. No one wants a shirt so delicate it may rip when putting it on. It's clothing after all. Has to be able to survive being put on the body.
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  2. The tag actually says do not wear any accessories when putting on the garment on...

    Washing and drying is obviously a big risk no matter how you do it, I'm not sure I would leave it to dry cleaners... I would've preferred getting the t-shirt with a few patches but they apparently sold like hotcakes... And my guess is that it's just as fragile. It's a bit ridiculous, but it's a cool effect and I know they used new techniques with some of the upcoming metalized pieces too. It's a shame if they implode after a few uses.
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  3. Which one is this blue one? I’ve only seen the ones with a couple of Oblique patches.
  4. Moseying around Harrods with my Laddie Dior and Cruise ‘18 bracelets...

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  6. Debuting the small tote bag at the launch of the pop up store for Dior Men's Fall 2019 collection. I receive so much admiration of the small book tote from guests ! Screenshot_20190427-012550_Gallery.jpeg 20190425_190800.jpeg 20190425_132131.jpeg 20190425_190905.jpeg 20190425_190916.jpeg IMG-20190425-WA0021.jpeg IMG-20190425-WA0023.jpeg
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  7. IMG_4556.JPG
    Also plus the black grained calfskin with gold hardware one which isn’t available in the store and not shown in the picture.

    Please help me decide which one I should get?
    I have about two days to decide.

    Thank you so much!
  8. Definitely the ultra matte versions, perhaps navy because it will go better with a lot of different colours. I love black and most of my bags are black, but I find them hard to match lighter-colour outfits.

    I think that the ultra matte versions look quite masculine. Even the large ultra matte black Lady Dior looks okay on a guy because the monochromatic finish tones down the hardware.
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  9. I got two new Dior goodies! There is no Dior Men boutique in Toronto at the moment (I think one will open soon at Holt Renfrew Yorkdale) so the only available retailer is Saks Eaton Centre.

    Any guesses? 20190427_145654.jpg 20190427_145821.jpg
  10. A B23 HI-Top in Dior Oblique and a CD Chain link bracelet in silver?
    (I chose these two because they're on my lust list)
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  11. The black Oblique hi-top and the CD link bracelet are on my list as well. Too bad Saks is the only place I can get Dior Men in Toronto (soon to change, though!). Popular items sell out immediately, and since Saks doesn't have a lot of stock, it means that I have no chance at getting popular items from them unless I happen to be there when new stock arrives.

    So no, they are not those items. But I did get two things that were not on my wish list at all. They were love at first sight! I saw the all-leather version of the Saddle clutch last weekend and debated on getting it. I called to see if it was still there (obviously sold out immediately after I saw it), and was lucky to be introduced to a new version that just came in. I got a belt that can turn the clutch into a belt/sling bag.

    I was surprised that the box for the Saddle clutch did not have the new Dior logo. I thought they gave me an old box but the sticker on the back indicated that this was the original box for this clutch. 20190427_150010.jpg 20190427_150114.jpg 20190427_150123.jpg 20190427_150241.jpg 20190427_150456.jpg
  12. Congrats! It's like the best of both worlds. Oblique pattern and leather
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  13. Thank you! Yes I agree. I had my doubts about the combination of the Oblique with black leather and silver hardware (I prefer the aged gold hardware that Maria Grazia Chiuri usually pairs with the Oblique) but I think I'm growing to really like them together.
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  14. I know this is the Dudes thread so sorry for my intrusion but would this belt fit a woman?! I LOVE IT
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  15. My SA also suggested me get the ultra matte versions in blue because she thought it’s rarer than the black. I love both and also wear both colors...
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