Dudes and their Diors

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  1. BC43D423-6D36-4A86-A9E1-55332E53254C.jpeg Could a guy get away with this color? Also, are the mini saddle bags worth it?
  2. I think a guy could pull off this colour. IMO, the mini saddle is kinda small. How it looks on a guy will depend on your proportions, but I'm 6ft tall and the mini saddle looks like a super mini bag on me.
  3. Out and about with my Diorama, Oblique tee, Diorosphere necklace and Cruise ‘18 bracelets...

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  4. I think you may be able to if you get a multicolour Dior strap to go with it so that the bag would look like a sling/messenger bag, which makes it look less like a purse due to its colour.
    I think that the grained Saddles are worth it. They are very structured which is important in showing off the architectural shape of the Saddle.
  5. The new Dior Men Pre-Fall 2019 campaign:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. This bad boy is on my list.

    It seems foolish I want it considering I wouldn't be able to fit my ids inside it. Nonetheless, it's on my for future purchase wish list!

    Attached Files:

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  7. Heey! Thinking of getting the t shirt, which size did you get? X
  8. L
  9. Took this baby out
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  10. [emoji7][emoji7]Same here. Definitely on my wish list
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  11. At the airport with my Oblique Tote, strap tucked away. Love how versatile and functional it is!
    20190328_172557 (1).jpg
  12. Dioring during afternoon tea...

  13. Long time no post!

    Out shopping at Ikea with this stud.

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  14. @hightea_xx not a big fan of the Lady Dior for guys but this studded one looks surprisingly dope!

    Too cringy for instagram
  15. wow apparently many of the blue mesh t shirts came ripped to the store . Really fragile.
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