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  1. I love it! I love how it has the new buckle on the shoulder strap (which makes the tote very functional), and also how the straps are made with leather (save for the wider part of the shoulder strap, which is done very tastefully).
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  2. Does anyone have positive experience with the quality of Dior belts? They seem to have some interesting closures this year and I’m in the market for a new belt. I swung by my local Hermes and was a bit disappointed with the quality of the leathers.
  3. Scored this bad boy for 250£ including shipping

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  4. All Dior belts that I bought during last 7 years were of very good quality. I had some issues with the belts during Slimane times but that is long time ago. What belt are you looking at? Alyx buckle belts?
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  5. Yes, it’s an Alyx Buckle one (https://www.dior.com/en_int/products/couture-4330AGYLL_H00B-navy-blue-calfskin-belt).

    I’m currently deciding between a Stefano Ricci eagle belt and the Dior Alyx one. I don’t have access to either so I’ll only be able to physically see them once I’m in Germany for business.
  6. I've owned a few Dior belts in the past. They are generally very high quality. All my Dior Homme ones have held up very very well. Actually, my work belt has been so heavily used for years and although I had to redye it once because of all the scratches I put in it, the leather has not cracked or peeled. Very impressive.

    My newer DiorQuake belt has very supple leather. It feels very luxurious but I'm afraid that it will look wonky over time because it looks like it is very prone to stretching due to the suppleness. The belt has to be supple for it to fit through the D with the grommets.
  7. After months and months of waiting, my final Dior purchase from Kim Jones’s Spring Summer 2019 collection finally arrived in the Bond Street boutique.


    Even though I pre-ordered this on full deposit back in November, I was annoyed that, yet again, no one called me to let me know that the piece has arrived. I tried my luck today, guessing that the piece had arrived because the related pieces had appeared on the website.

    Luckily it hadn’t been sold, and was still in the display cabinet.


    The packaging is really cool, the box opens up into a display, and can be reconfigured into different combinations!

    Presenting my new “CD” ICON chain link bracelet in sterling silver from the Kim Jones x Ambush collection!


    It’s so featherlight, it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all!


    So glad it’s finally here! Here it is when I tried it on in store.

  8. Wow the packaging is fantastic! So is the bracelet!

    It's not too nice of them to offer it for sale to others even though you paid for it in full. I think you should complain to Dior customer service to prevent this from happening again. I would be very upset if I paid in full for something that is then sold to someone else because no one had the diligence to cross-reference the arrivals with the pre-orders. Even video game stores are better at pre-orders than this, and I expect very little from these stores due to the low price point and lack of commission.
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  9. Thanks AJ.

    It’s frankly ridiculous that they didn’t put the bracelet aside to fulfil the pre-order. Bad enough that they didn’t let me know when it arrived, especially given I had been dropping by many times and always inquired as to when the bracelet was going to arrive.
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  10. Their central customer service should know about this. This is no way to treat a customer, especially a loyal one like yourself.
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  11. Happened to me as well... Had bee charms pre ordered, none let me know, they had them on display so they gave them to me, when I got to know they have one there! How ridiculous seriously....

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  12. Exactly! They were like, “oh yes, we see you have a pre-order. You can have this one?” gesturing to the one in the display cabinet...

    Especially since they kept saying by virtue of pre-ordering on full deposit, it will be immediately put aside for you when one comes in... I was just lucky I got there when I did.
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  13. Yeah maybe I should write in to customer services...
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  14. Wearing my new bracelet, my Lucky Dior pendant and Kaws Bee charm on my Birkin..

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