Dudes and their Diors

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  1. I shared this photo in the Celebrities and their Diors thread but I wanted to share it here, too (from WWD):
    I think that this Tailleur Oblique suit makes such a fashion statement, without going as far as Billy Porter. I think he should be the new face of Dior Men. He looks so much better than Robert Pattinson in my opinion.
  2. SKINS!
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  3. Nick looks amazing in this, but I wish he went with the longer runway wrap. If the ladies can manage trains on their gowns, he can manage a long piece of fabric! Definitely looking into getting this ensemble though!
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  4. Wow just saw this on Vogue


    I do not think I saw this during the show... Seems to be a similar design as the nylon one? This is definitely much better!
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  5. I love my Oblique tee so much... Throwback to wearing it out to tea for the first time [emoji4]

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  6. In loooove, the price is going to go through the roof tho!
  7. Perfect outfit. I love it!
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  8. Does anyone have this pouch? Based off the description, it seems really small (20CM x 10.7CM). IMG_1613.JPG
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  10. IMG_4892.jpg

    Kim Jones is doing it white next!
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  11. Beautiful, and I'd love it to match my tee, but am terrified it is going to be a dirt trap!
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  12. I heard this might be a China exclusive.
  13. B23s and next to my new LVs.

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  14. Packaging was cool too...

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  15. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the packaging as well! I love your new shoes!
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