Dudes and their Diors

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  1. An attendee? [emoji23]
  2. I don't recognize him. Is he someone famous?
  3. Bryanboy! He’s gained a little weight (not meant to be mean just a statement of fact).
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  4. Oh! I saw his picture before but I guess I didn't remember it. Thanks!
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  5. Did you happen by Yorkdale today??? Any reveals for us?! [emoji85]
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  6. I seriously contemplated buying the sling bag. It was $2350, which is really not bad! But given that I recently got the Saddle clutch, Alyx belt, and two pairs of Valentino sneakers, I couldn't justify spending money on yet another belt-style bag. I like my Saddle clutch more because it looks more like the original Saddle shape. So I passed on it. I was hoping to see the Sorayama bracelet but I think it's sold out there. Here's a picture of me in front of the pop-up, with my identity concealed:
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  7. Congrats! Love the packaging! :heart: Super unique and reminds me of origami
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  8. Here are more pictures of the pop-up space. If I had all of the money in the world, I would get one of those Saddle crossbody bags (the Oblique version, $3100), that small leather backpack (~$2800), the Oblique tote, the all-leather version of the Saddle clutch I already have ($1400), and the Oblique roller pouch too. But alas, I already spent too much money this past month, and since I don't have all the money in the world, I walked away empty handed :crybaby:. I was hoping to score one of those CD rings that @MrChris got, so I could leave with a smaller souvenir, but they didn't have any.
    20190504_171843.jpg 20190504_172257.jpg 20190504_175849.jpg 20190504_175853.jpg 20190504_175857.jpg 20190504_175901.jpg 20190504_180036.jpg 20190504_180043.jpg
    Those black Oblique shoes are actually not for sale. The salesperson told me that Holts will get them in May.
  9. First nice day of the year! Loving the quake pouch [emoji173]️

  10. Awesome look! I love how casual this bag is without being sporty.
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  11. Out for lunch today while on a visit back home in Ottawa, with the lady Dior clutch on for the ride. I love just looking at this bag, the quilting so so plus and the color is just divine [emoji7] also wearing my new Danseuse Etoile choker [emoji92]

  12. I really like the color. :biggrin:
  13. Wow that necklace...I want it!!!
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  14. Woman here.. hope that’s welcomed :smile: Just received my Dior Homme/Sorayama collaboration Pre-Fall 2019 piece! My aesthetic is super androgynous/minimalist- live in men’s collection suit jackets. This pin could not be more sleek!! Even the sci-fi/ futuristic packaging of this collection calls to me. I plan to wear it on my jackets, and I think it pairs well with my silver metallic Burberry DK88 (as pictured).

    Just as an aside- I didn’t see this in person before I ordered. Much larger than I originally imagined- but definitely a pleasant surprise. Very weighty. Feels like excellent quality! Thanks for letting me share!

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  15. Wore my CD Icon bracelet out shopping yesterday...