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  1. I love it! I saw it at the pop-up and thought it was beautiful, but I don't wear pins/brooches.

    I love your metallic DK88 as well!
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    Thank you so much! Pins are about the only accessory I do wear these days- so I’m glad I found this beauty..
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  3. Off to the spa with the Open Bar.


    I haven’t used this bag in a while as it was not quite fitting into my life style. I originally purchased the Open Bar for work but found that I was either carrying too much or too little for me to justify using it. Recently, I’ve found a balance of what I carry day to day and plan on using this more. The color just makes me so happy, and the leather is soft an touchable. When I originally purchase the bag I said I wouldn’t likely wear it with the sides out but now I feed more and more that it is an amazing classic tote shape that I don’t mind wearing hand carried. Of course the option to fold in the sides to add some fun is also bonus to change the feel of the bag completely.
  4. It's nice to see this bag again. It's a great bag.
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  5. It's been a long time since a reveal and I thought I'd join the club...
    My package from online came in a white box with star like for women.



    Now, I think I may have to do an exchange or even return because I'm shocked at how terribly constructed this bag is. Look at these random threads coming from the leather....? It's not from the actual stitching. Does anyone know what this is? Is it like the glazing or treatment for the leather? And then look at the bad glue job they did for the zipper and front left tip of strap...it's completely visible.



  6. Your bag is beautiful! The little things should come off if you pull them. I think they are just excess glazing. As for the glue stain, it can be removed with lighter fluid applied to a Q-tip with a bit of gentle rubbing with the tip of the Q-tip. But if you rather exchange, then maybe the exchange one won't show any glue.

    This is one cool bag, though.
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  7. IMG_6288.JPG

    Out and about running errands the other day with the Lady Dior clutch! Love how easy the bag is, and that its understated nature (just plain quilting) allows me to dress it down if I want.
  8. I personally don't mind about the packaging, but I would consider return the bag. The price of it it's very high and we all expect to be perfect, if you feel disappointed you should return it.

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  9. In case anyone was in the market for this sweater, it runs small! I had to size up. It looks really great skin tight because of the lines, but i prefer it to fit like the runway so I bought the medium.

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  10. Wow you look great in it! The fit looks perfect. I normally like skin-tight but it makes it harder to wear (looks uncomfortable and uneasy). May I please ask how much this sweater is? Thanks!
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  11. Thanks! $1450 + tax. The quality is amazing, and its heavy and warm!
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  12. Thank you! I really want one. It has such a futuristic look, and is so tastefully designed despite having a huge logo across the front.
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