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  1. I know, right ? That would ruin the integrity of the piece... the serial numbers at the bottom of the plaque is starting to fade... buffing would make the serial numbers disappear. I will leave it as is for now... I tell myself that the scratches give it character and has stories to tell... one of the stories is that it was well loved. lol
    Thanks for kindness and your contribution to this forum and guidance in fashion and style.
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  2. [emoji1309]oops didn’t notice that I was discovered. Actually I didn’t notice that bangle. I was really admiring that ring. Looks real good on you!

    I must say you guys on this thread has some really good taste! [emoji1303]
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  3. Ah shucks... Thanks.
    I have to post photos of my Hermes Ulysse Notebook and Hermes Vision II Agenda in orange leather.
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  4. Thank you! It literally took me 5 months to get my hands on this one, from going to the boutiques whenever I got to travel (there's no Dior where I live) to texting/emailing SAs everywhere. Luckily for me a friend of mine was visiting Tokyo a few weeks ago so I asked him to help me look for it without expecting anything as it seemed to have been sold out everywhere I went/checked. Turns out they still had it in all available colors, not sure where you live but if you still want it you should definitely try Japan if you get the chance! I almost went with the black one, I know they have it in black as well for F/W but without contrast stitching :confused1:

    WhatsApp Image 2019-05-04 at 17.24.00.jpeg
  5. Out and about with the quake today, it was incredibly sunny today - perfect for running around downtown!


    Also popped by Holts to check out the designer sale and tried on the Saddle belt. Love the sleekness of it, however they didn’t have my size. It’s priced at C$790 or so I believe, which is quite expensive for such a simple piece.... not sure what to do!

  6. I justify some of the prices by saying "but it's Dior". I found $880 quite high for a belt when I got the DiorQuake. It was almost Hermes-belt priced. At this price, most designer belts are reversible. This only has one colour.

    The Dior Men's belts with the Alyx buckle are a LOT for fabric belts, too. They cost more than most men's luxury leather belts.

    So I suggest getting it if it is within your budget when you can track down your size.

    I've had to say no to a lot of things due to their prices. I couldn't get the strap for my DiorQuake immediately because at $1300 it is a bit too much for just a strap, especially after all the holiday spending and also having just bought the DiorQuake on top of that. But trying other straps on with the DiorQuake at home really convinced me that it had to be a Dior strap or bust. So I justified the price.
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  7. Just bought this gorgeous pristine bag. Does anyone know what year collection it was?

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  8. As far as I remember, this style was introduced around 2011 - 2012 but it carried on for several seasons
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    Wandering around aimlessly today with my Addict and Danseuse Etoile necklace.


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  11. I am sharing these pictures from WWD of the new Dior boutique in Munich featuring the "one Dior" concept where men and women's collections are featured together, with no distinguishable interior design for the men's part unlike in the past with Dior Homme looking very different from Dior Couture:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. The serial is 03 BO 0143
  13. This particular piece was produced in 2013, but as @fast runner said, this style was made for quite a few years.
  14. Love this! Thanks for sharing!
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  15. Thanks, I got it on The Real Real for around $400 which is a steal because the tag was still with the bag and it said $2,500 so I think it was a great value. I got it since I have a Louis Vuitton bag I bought a year ago but I’ve used it everyday and didn’t want to wear it out too fast.
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