Dudes and their Diors

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  1. I wore my Saddle clutch today with the Alyx buckle belt. My shoes are Dior Homme, and the watch is the Dior Chiffre Rouge D01 diver but it's not showing the face in the picture. Didn't realize my shirt was so wrinkled until I saw the picture. 20190609_183106_001.jpg
  2. 2 Milan Fashion Week street style shots from WWD featuring Dior bags:

    Studded Diorama
    Oblique Saddle cross-body
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  3. Does anyone have any info on this jacket? I can't seem to find it on dior.com so I'm assuming it's for FW19?

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  6. Hi all! Just picked up my first Dior piece - the Book Tote in oblique!

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  7. Nice! Did you get it personalized?
  8. I wanted to share this Saddle bag from the new SS2020 collection. This one is spectacular! It revisits the newspaper print that John Galliano brought to Dior almost 20 years ago! Brings back a lot of memories, and makes this a must-have for me!

    Kim Jones turned it into a sheet shirt design as well. :heart:
  9. Hey, new to this forum but was wondering on your thoughts on this. I just bought (and received) the calf-skin messenger bag and noticed a little lift / knick in the leather (see image). It’s tiny and will be covered when it’s worn. It’s kind of bothering me. Am I being too picky haha?

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  10. No i don't think you're being picky, this doesn't look normal to me, in the picture the leather looks torn a little bit. l would return it.
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  11. I really like this entire collection.
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  12. #2322 Jun 23, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019
    Yeah, I feel like this was a floor model. I’ll give the store a call and see what they can do. Thank you!

    P.s. SS20 collection is so good!
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  13. I agree with @Liberté

    If this is exchange-only, then request another one to be transferred to your boutique.

    If this is final sale, then this can be fixed easily with a bit of Superglue, but you have to be very careful not to get it on anywhere else other than the area beneath the leather tab that sticks out.
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  14. I actually picked it up in Amsterdam on vacation, so I may take it to my home boutique to get it personalized.
  15. Not sure if they can personalize the Book Tote after it has been produced. It looks great with or without the personalization. I am really tempted by a personalized one because it will be one of a kind!
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