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  1. Weekend getaway companions :amuse:
  2. How do you like this belt? I just ordered the bigger one from Dior.com. I have no idea if I ordered the correct size or not. I am thinking it is going to be too big like my Gucci belts. I have a size 85 in Gucci and they are a bit too big on me. I wear a size 27/28 jean and bought the 85. Thanks!
  3. 37409266-C400-454E-822B-97D7BFC13A59.jpeg Picked this up today. Cuuuute
  4. DH.jpg [​IMG]

    These 2 are so, so good. The price though...
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  5. I’ve been waiting for this to be released....gorgeous. What do you all think?
    BB7FAEB7-3B09-4B06-A60B-9594C83E76EC.jpeg BD6A26DC-F430-43BE-AF7A-B1ECC027D249.jpeg
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  7. I thought I liked it, but when I tried it on in the store, it didn't do much. The embroideries against the dark canvas are hard to see the details from I remember. Personally, I still love the leather version.
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  9. Those rimowa are priced at 2200 pounds and up I believe.
  10. I agree with @dondontown . These stains aren't supposed to be there.

    I LOVE that tie!!!
  11. I like the belt but don't wear it very often because I don't usually wear a belt. Mine is 85 and I have the same waist size as you, and is perfect. The 5 holes makes it easier to size tighter if necessary. The larger one is quite thick and can be worn over a fitted long coat, too.
  12. I tried this on while on vacation and it was not as nice as I imagined it to be. I like the blue monogram canvas version more, including the feel of the blue canvas compared to this stiffer one. And since it is the same price as the leather one, I'd go with the leather one instead.
  13. Wanted to reach out to one of my SAs too but felt like it was too soon :lol: He did share with me the price list of the FW19 collection prior to its launch though (the actual pdf file, I was shocked) so I think in a few months I'll try to get the SS20's list :rolleyes:
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